YouTube TV Cuts NFL Sunday Ticket Price in Half

When it launched earlier this year, the NFL Sunday Ticket came with a starting price anywhere from $349 to $449 with YouTube and YouTube TV. Approaching the halfway point of YouTube’s first season hosting the Sunday Ticket, the company just slashed the price in half, giving reluctant fans a more affordable way to watch football.

This week, YouTube and the NFL confirmed that the new starting price (for the remainder of the season) is only $174. And if you want the ticket along with Redzone, it’ll be $194. That’s a considerable discount compared to how the year started, but considering we’re halfway through the season, it makes sense. If your team is doing better than expected now might be a good time to sign up.

The first eight weeks of the 2023-24 NFL season have had its fair share of problems. With the NFL Sunday Ticket being on YouTube instead of DirecTV for the better part of 30 years, we expected issues and growing pains. Last week, in particular, streams cutting out, lag, and other issues prevented millions of fans from watching football.

Complaints were loud and plastered all over X (formerly Twitter), which led to YouTube confirming it was experiencing issues and that they’d be promptly fixed. While the YouTube Twitter account never followed up, as promised, NBCSports reported that YouTube managed to fix the problem.

A few days later, the company slashed the price by 50%. Sure, the move could be due to the season being halfway over, but many suspect it’s due to all the complaints and refund requests online. Now, we’re hopeful that users won’t experience lag, bad video quality, or stuttering and buffering as they did in previous weeks.

Either way, if you were hesitant due to the high price before, getting the rest of the season for only $174 isn’t as bad. Remember, the Sunday Ticket doesn’t cover the postseason, but YouTube TV’s channel lineup will get you most playoff games and the Super Bowl.


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