XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster Review: Clean With the Click of a Button

Key Takeaways

  • The XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is a well-designed and all-purpose cleaning tool, featuring a metal construction and a variety of attachments.
  • It offers powerful air compression and can effectively remove dust, hair, and packaging debris with its high RPM.
  • Though it is a bit noisy and may be difficult to transport, the XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is a sustainable alternative to cans of compressed air and is highly recommended for photography purposes and frequent cleaning needs.

I take a lot of pictures for reviews, and dust is the bane of my existence. I look at what would be the perfect shot, but the product is surrounded by loose hairs, specs of dust, and packaging debris. You could use a can of compressed air, or you could use the XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster.

I’m no stranger to the cans of compressed air you can get at Walmart for around $8 a canister, but there are a few unfortunate realities to this solution. XPOWER’s A-2 Electric Air Duster solves problems in price, sustainability, performance, and power when it comes to showing dust the way out.

XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster

2.3lbs (1.04kg)

Battery Type

Cord length
10ft (3.05m)



35,000 (mode 1), 40,000 (mode 2)

  • Premium in-hand feel
  • Powerful air compression
  • Variety of nozzles for different scenarios
  • Sustainable solution
  • Loud
  • Can be tough to transport
  • Nozzle attachment procedure could use polish
The XPOWER Electric Air Duster with using an adapter and the precision brush tip
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

The XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is a small-to-medium-sized metal appliance that reminds me of a tea kettle; it has a nozzle on one side and a handle on the other. Looking the electric duster over, you come to see that no component is there by mistake, and no part is a waste of space. Everything on the A-2 Electric Air Duster serves a purpose in creating a capable cleaning machine.

The handle features a thumb-sized divot near the top, giving you an easy way to position your hand and helping to offset some of the XPOWER A-2 duster’s 2.3lbs (1.04kg) weight. Small feet on the bottom of the device allow the washable filter to block debris from getting sucked in, and they also make it easy to store the duster standing up.

A few inches above and behind the feet is the 10ft (~3m) power cord, which makes maneuvering the duster a breeze. Not to mention, you can always attach it to an extension cord if you need more length.

The XPOWER A-2 duster’s nozzle is home to a number of attachments that make cleaning in different situations like hard-to-reach corners or widespread areas much easier, another plus over traditional canned air. My only gripe here is the method for attaching the nozzles to the duster itself; all you have to do is push straight in, which is nice for simplicity, but not reassuring for structural security’s sake. Perhaps a twist-to-lock mechanism would work well in a new version.

Nozzles and Attachments

XPOWER Electric Air Duster surrounded by attachments and nozzles
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Included Nozzles and Attachments:

  • 1x Standard Nozzle
  • 1x Air Blade Nozzle
  • 1x Focusing Nozzle
  • 1x Standard Brush Attachment
  • 1x Detail Brush Attachment
  • 1x Straw Adapter
  • 1x Tampered Flow Nozzle
  • 1x Air Pump Adapter Set (Wide Valve Adapter, Boston Valve Adapter, Stem Valve Adapter)

Opening up the included carrying pouch, you’ll find four nozzles and a variety of attachments in different shapes and sizes. The standard cone nozzle is a catchall and can be used in most situations. This is what I used the majority of the time.

The Air Blade nozzle, on the other hand, is better for wide sweeping motions (I used it to clear the loose twigs and leaves off of the area outside my doorstep).

That’s the beauty of choice and available selection: when you need the nozzle or attachment, pop it on and get to work.

Effectiveness and Uses: Eat My Dust!

Using the XPOWER Electric Air Duster to dust a Creality 3D printer
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Who cares how it’s designed if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to? Thankfully, I can attest to the XPOWER Electric Air Duster’s valiant dust-displacing abilities.

I’m also pleased to report a multitude of use cases—you can switch the XPOWER duster on for the obvious home-surface dusting, but it’s also a handy tool for cleaning between your keyboard’s keys, freshening up the floor of your car, or blowing up an air mattress for starlit camping nights (if you have a power station like the Anker 767 with you).

The power switch on the XPOWER Electric Air Duster
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Pop the right nozzle for your situation on the end, plug it in, and flip the XPOWER Electric Air Duster on. Starting with the first power level, you’ll notice some surprising air pressure. This mode is useful for dusting surfaces like desks and countertops.

Upping to the second power level, you’ll hear and feel quite a bit more pressure than on the level below. This is great for high-pressure tasks like inflating mattresses or cleaning car and porch or balcony floors.

There is one downside to this power that you just can’t get around, though: noise. Turning the XPOWER duster on for the first time, my initial reaction was to flip it off immediately because “whoa, that’s loud.” Once you’re expecting it, the noise settles into “understandable annoyance” levels.

I used the XPOWER Electric Air Duster for a number of the use cases discussed above, and aside from having too much fun while cleaning, I never thought, “I wish I had a can of compressed air instead right now.” No dust, hair, or packaging material stood a chance against the 35,000+ RPM the XPOWER duster is capable of.

At just over $50, the A-2 isn’t the single most affordable electric duster on the market, but it doesn’t feel like the cheapest product available, either. And, considering a single can of compressed air at Walmart and Office Depot costs around $8, the XPOWER Electric Air Duster will pay for itself without creating metal and plastic waste in the process.

Should You Buy the XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster?

The XPOWER Electric Air Duster in front of compressed air cans
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

If you take a lot of pictures you wish didn’t feature dust or loose hairs, or if you’re spending dollars on dollars on compressed air cans, I highly recommend the XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster. It’s powerful, sustainable, and comes with a number of attachments for just about any cleaning or inflating situation you may encounter.

Keep in mind the noise level; it’s not a quiet machine. However, it’s understandable when you consider the kind of pressure output you get. It can also be tough to transport in a wearable bag due to its weight and shape, but it’s definitely not impossible to take with you in a car.

Overall, I think the XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is an excellent tool if you need it, and unnecessary if you don’t (after all, you could just use a standard feather duster for weekly home cleaning). However, if you need it, you can ditch compressed air cans and pick an XPOWER A-2 up today in a myriad of color options for $54. And for $117, you can get a battery-operated XPOWER duster that ditches the power cord.

XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster


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