Verizon's Newest Bundle Has Ad-Free Netflix and AMC+

Carrier bundles are becoming more and more frequent, but perhaps not as exciting. T-Mobile was pretty famous for its “Netflix on Us” perk, which gave users free (or heavily discounted) access to Netflix with their line. That benefit was sadly cut starting this year, ruining a good thing for many people. Carrier bundles aren’t completely dead, though, if you don’t mind paying. In fact, Verizon just launched a pretty great bundle that will give you access to two streaming services for a flat monthly fee, as long as you sign up soon.

Verizon has just introduced a streaming bundle exclusively for its customers. This newest bundle will pack Netflix Premium and AMC+ Ad-Free for $25.99/month, marking a $5.99 monthly saving—Netflix Premium alone is $22.99, while AMC+ Ad-Free is $8.99 (but $6.99/mo when billed yearly). It’s not the best deal out there, but hey, with how seemingly every major streaming service is increasing prices these days, we’ll certainly be taking any wins we can get.

A notable part about this deal is that both the services being offered are ad-free. Netflix Premium is the platform’s more expensive tier, which not only removes ads but also gives you access to 4K streaming as well as multiple concurrent streams. AMC+, on the other hand, gives you access to shows such as The Walking Dead (and its many spin-offs) and Better Call Saul. Another recently-added Netflix streaming bundle packs it with Max, and it’s also much cheaper, at $10 a month. However, that only gives you the ad-supported versions of those streaming services, and it’s also only available for myPlan users.

For this new Netflix/AMC+ combo, it looks like it’s not specifically exclusive to Verizon’s myPlan users, but if you sign up for myPlan, it looks like you’ll be able to take an extra $5 off this offer on top of what’s already being discounted—bringing the savings up to $10.99. All you need to do is sign up for the monthly +play credit, which is available as a perk on myPlan.

If you want to check it out, make sure to go into +play and sign up for it if you meet the terms. It will only be available to sign up until March 31, 2024.

Source: Verizon


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