Verizon Is Giving You Unlimited Storage for Photos and Files

Remember the days when Google Photos had unlimited storage? You could upload all of your photos and videos, whenever you wanted, at any time, and it wouldn’t count against your Google Drive storage. That was sadly removed, but that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of options as far as unlimited storage goes. If you’re a Verizon subscriber, Verizon Cloud is bringing this back for you.

Verizon has introduced a new addition to its cloud backup services with the Verizon Cloud Unlimited Individual plan, priced at $13.99 per month. This new offering complements existing Verizon Cloud options, such as the 2TB storage included in Verizon MyPlan and the Unlimited Group plan, by bringing the ability to backup photos, videos, and data to your heart’s content, with no caps on how much you can upload.

Verizon Cloud Unlimited was offered already, but only as a “group” plan that could accommodate up to five users. Now, though, if you don’t feel like sharing with family or friends, you can get an individual subscription for $13.99 a month. If you’re not familiar with it, it has a lot of cool functionality, including automatic backups, ensuring that you never have to worry about manually backing up your data. You can also designate devices and drives for backup, and Verizon Cloud automatically identifies and uploads new files to the cloud.

Security is also highlighted as a crucial part of the platform, with Verizon Cloud incorporating a PIN-protected private folder for safeguarding sensitive documents like driver’s licenses or passports. There is, however, one big caveat, and it’s that, to use it, you need to be a Verizon subscriber on a supported plan. This is just a benefit Verizon offers on top of what it already offers to users with its plans, and if you’d like to take advantage of this, you’ll have to get a Verizon line.

Verizon is offering a 30-day trial for Verizon Cloud plans or the option to add 2TB of Verizon Cloud storage to Verizon MyPlan for $10 per month. Interested customers can sign up on the official Verizon website. It’s a $13/month flat fee for unlimited storage for all your memories—the only real alternative to this is to pay for Google One to get more storage for Google Photos, where uploads will still count against your storage.

Source: Verizon


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