The most used graphics card by Steam users costs less than 200 dollars – AS USA

PC Gaming is continuously booming and Steam is the favorite store for millions of users that choose to play on the platform. Building a gaming machine can be a real headache for many, since we are not always clear about what type of components we should buy. What does Valve’s data say about it? Well, among many other details of interest, they’ve confirmed that the most used graphics card by gamers is really affordable: the NVIDIA GTX 1650.
The NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU can be bought for just over 170 USD, depending on the manufacturer and store. A price significantly lower than the vast majority of graphics cards at the moment, the kind that we need to play our most important games in the best conditions. The second most used is a classic: the GTX 1060 (4.84%).
Although it is true that Windows 10 (64-bit version) continues to be the favorite operating system for gamers, since it is used by 61.21% of users despite that amount having lowered this month, the rise of Windows 11, which has grown by almost 11% in recent weeks, should not be overlooked. As for screen resolution, the vast majority plays at 1080p, with an overwhelming 64.52% compared to 12% at 1440p. If we look at 4K, it is practically residual on the list with approximately 2%.
What seems to have settled completely is having 16GB of RAM to game, since it accounts for more than 52% of the list, followed by 19% of users who have 8 GB. Finally, if we look at the most used virtual reality device, Oculus Quest 2 is unrivaled (45% compared to 17% for Valve Index).
Source | Steam
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