The Best Smart Glasses of 2023

Don’t you wish your glasses could do more for you? Sure, helping to see the world is great and all, but it’s the 21st century. Where are the tech-infused spectacles, capable of taking pictures, streaming music, and linking to your smart home voice assistant? They’re right here.

UPDATE: 12/13/2023

We’ve updated our roundup to include the newest wave of smart glasses. Take a look!

What to Look For in Smart Glasses in 2023

Before shopping for a pair of smart glasses, you should understand exactly what’s available in the current market. While you might picture something like the ill-fated Google Glass or augmented reality (AR) spectacles when you hear the phrase “smart glasses,” what you’ll find in 2023 is more of an extension of your smartphone and many of its functions.

When looking for a pair of smart glasses, you need to consider what features you want wrapped around your temple. Do you want support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant? Maybe you like the idea of tapping the side of your head to snap a photo or are looking for a stylish way to listen to music.

Smart glasses offer a range of ways to simplify life and add portability and convenience to everyday actions like taking phone calls and taking photos. You just need to decide what’s most important.

Maybe more crucial than the tech built into your new smart glasses is how they look. While smart glasses don’t come in a great variety of frames, there can be a difference in lens shape, from round to oblong. If applicable, confirm that prescription lenses can be used.

With everything else squared away, you then want to look at battery life and water resistance rating, which is designated in the format of IPX#. The larger the number at the end, the more resistant to water the glasses are. You don’t want a pair of glasses that will die within a few hours of use or completely fail just because of a little rain.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best smart glasses you can pick up now.

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✓ Comfortable and durable construction

✗ Virtually no privacy when taking calls

✓ Responsive temple touchpad

✗ Charging case isn’t that attractive

✓ 12MP camera offers vibrant photos and video

The style of Ray-Ban blends with the tech-forward focus of the 21st century with the Meta Wayfarer smart glasses. Available in various colors including matte black and shiny caramel, the Wayfarer can be outfitted with polarized, transitioning, or plano lenses. Though they are Ray-Bans, the beautifully sleek, wide-temple design and quality construction are secondary to what these glasses can do.

Every pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer smart glasses has a crystal clear, high-resolution 12MP camera. You’ll never miss a moment of excitement again, and you can even share experiences with your social media audience by directly live-streaming on Facebook or Instagram. It’s truly a great, less cumbersome alternative to an action camera or selfie stick.

The Wayfarer is a stark improvement over the original Ray-Ban Stories, both in function and style. Along with the improved camera, the Wayfarer sports a five-mic system instead of three, and it takes advantage of Meta AI to let your voice take control.

Take calls, send messages using voice-to-text, and enjoy a premium audio experience where your favorite playlists can boom right into your ear with rich, clear quality. Battery life will vary based on use, but you’ll never suffer a dead battery again if you properly use the included charging case.

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Best Smart Glasses Overall

The Ray-Ban Meta blends sophistication and tech with a 12MP camera and sleek, wide temples. The Wayfarer style is comfortable and minimizes fatigue with high-quality construction.

Best Budget Smart Glasses: Razer Anzu

Razer Anzu on desk



✓ Blue light-blocking lenses included

✗ Finicky touch controls

✓ Game Mode for low latency gaming

✗ Uncomfortable to wear after a few hours

✓ Decent battery life

Although not as stylish or feature-rich as the Ray-Ban Stories, the Razer Anzu are a great pair of budget smart glasses. So if you are curious and want to try a pair, these won’t leave a big dent in your wallet.

The Razer Anzu can play music, answer phone calls, and provide access to your phone’s digital assistant. You can do all this with a touch of your finger.

One of the big highlights of the Razer Anzu is the included Game Mode, which offers low-latency sound for your gaming sessions. You also get blue-light filtering lenses by default. Both of these features can come in handy during your long gaming sessions.

Speaking of, Razer claims its smart glasses can last up to five hours on a single charge, which should last long enough for most gamers. The Anzu are also rated IPX4 water resistant, so sweat, rain, or splashing water won’t damage them.

You’ll also be happy to know that Anzu supports prescription lenses, and the company has partnered with Lensabl to offer compatible lenses.

Unfortunately, not everything is excellent with the Anzu. For example, the larger modules on the arm of the glasses can make long hours of wearing them uncomfortable. Plus, the gesture control on the Razer glasses can be finicky.

You can choose from rectangular or round designs and small or large sizes.

Razer Anzu Glasses
Razer Anzu

Best Budget Smart Glasses

$40 $44 Save $4

A hybrid of sunglasses, Bluetooth headphones, and blue-light-filtering computer glasses, the Razer Anzu are a great option to start your smart glasses journey.



✓ 1080 FHD clarity

✗ Bulky design can be uncomfortable for long term

✓ Smooth 120Hz refresh rate

✗ Very limited battery life

✓ Compatible with many gaming devices

The gaming industry is always looking for new ways to play, and XREAL’s Air AR Glasses elevate the experience with an augmented reality screen that projects the display in front of your eyes. You can finally game from your PC, Android, and iOS devices without a monitor or screen.

XREAL’s AR glasses blast a 201-inch screen to create a micro-OLED virtual theater that only you can enjoy. Compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X|S, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Nintendo Switch, you can easily play your favorite games virtually anywhere.

Enjoy an impressive 120Hz refresh rate as you dive into high-end gaming experiences like Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077. The screen projects at 1080 FHD, which is an impressive amount of detail without a dedicated monitor. You can also watch your favorite programs or catch up on your movie backlog via Netflix and other major streaming services.

The XREAL Air AR Glasses are impressive hardware, though some may find them cumbersome and not entirely comfortable. The temples are on the heftier side and are not the most attractive pair of smart glasses on the market.

XREAL Air2 AR Glasses

Best Smart Glasses for Gaming

The XREAL Air 2 AR Glasses take your gaming to the next level with a clear, vibrant augmented reality experience.

OhO 4K Pro Camera Smart Glasses



✓ Smooth 4K video

✗ Bulky and on the thicker side

✓ Great selection of memory sizes

✗ IP22 is minimal water resistance

✓ 24MP camera produces vibrant images

✗ Very poor battery life

✓ Comes with different lenses

OhO’s 4K Pro Camera Smart Glasses are a sleek and stylish pair of spectacles that really make a statement. Hidden within the all-black frames is an impressive 24MP camera capable of 4K video. Capture the world around you and save your experiences to the onboard memory. You have your choice of storage, from a 32GB drive up to 512GB.

The temples of the OhO 4K glasses are quite large and thick, so expect minor pain if you wear them for too long. Otherwise, the design is all about style, with a rectangular lens that’s available in black or neon blue. While snapping outdoor shots, you’ll also benefit from perks like UV400 sunglasses.

You’ll feel like a spy as you snag photos and videos on the fly. Those around you won’t know you’re capturing memories, so be sure to disclose if they land in one of your pictures.

Like so many smart glasses, battery life is an issue. The glasses’ battery is only expected to last 30 minutes on a single charge.

OhO 4K Pro Camera Smart Glasses
ohO 4K Pro Camera Glasses

Best Smart Glasses with Camera

OhO’s 4K Pro Camera Glasses are outfitted with a 24MP camera capable of capturing vibrant images and 4K video. Choose your onboard storage, ranging from 32GB to 512GB, to snag memories while you’re on the road. Consider a backup power pack to compensate for the 30 minute battery life.

person golfing with Bose Frames Tempo



✓ Better sound quality than the competition

✗ The bass isn’t great

✓ IPX4 rating

✗ Sound leakage

✓ Good battery life and USB-C port for charging

✓ Swappable lenses

Bose is known for high-quality audio products, and the company’s audio expertise shows in its Frames Tempo smart glasses.

Part of Bose’s second-generation smart glasses lineup, the Frames Tempo delivers surprisingly good audio, considering that these tiny speakers project sound in front of your ears. Just don’t expect the big bass you get from regular headphones, as there is some sound leakage.

Battery life is another high point for the Frames Tempo, lasting up to eight hours on a single charge. In addition, these smart glasses charge via USB-C, so you won’t have to worry about using (and losing) a proprietary cable.

The Frames Tempo are also IPX4 rated for splash resistance and come with scratch and shatter-resistant lenses and a rugged frame. Plus, you get a dual microphone array to attend phone calls or talk to your phone’s voice assistant.

In terms of design, the Bose Frames Tempo are focused on sports and have a design reminiscent of your typical Oakley, Nike, or Under Armour sunglasses. You can swap lenses, and the company offers a couple of options—though they’ll always look sporty.

But if you don’t like the look of the Bose Frame Tempo, the company also offers Frames in Tenor and Soprano. While the Tenor and Soprano have slightly different specifications, they still deliver better audio than other options on the market.

Bose Frames Tempo
Bose Frames Tempo

Best Smart Glasses for Music

$200 $249 Save $49

From good sound quality to great battery life, the Bose Frames Tempo have a lot going for them. Plus, these sports-focused smart glasses are ready for your active lifestyle.

Person using Amazon Echo Frames outside with dog



✓ Lightweight and comfortable

✗ Only one size

✓ IPX4 rated for splash resistance

✗ Plasticky design

✓ Support for voice assistants

Fortunately, many smart glasses on the market support prescription lenses, including most of our recommendations. But if you want the best options for prescription lenses, the Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen) are the pair of smart glasses to get.

As the name suggests, these are Amazon’s second-generation smart glasses and are primarily targeted at people who want speakers and microphones in their sunglasses to answer calls, talk to a voice assistant, play music, and listen to podcasts and other audio-based media.

While the Echo Frames support Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri—though unsurprisingly, Alexa is the easiest to use and has the best integration. With voice assistant support, you can also control your smart home devices with the Echo Frames.

The four micro speakers on the Amazon smart glasses do their job well, and the audio quality is decent. So you will have no trouble with audiobooks, podcasts, and phone calls. But, as expected, audio quality can’t compare to quality headphones.

In other features, Amazon has made these IPX4 water-resistant like other smart glasses. Battery life is also okay, and the Echo Frames can last up to four hours of music playback on a single charge. Moreover, Amazon glasses are pretty lightweight and comfortable.

While Amazon doesn’t ship these with prescription lenses, you can get the lenses from an eyewear professional and get them fitted at any LensCrafters location. Alternatively, you can share your prescription lens specifications and Echo Frame with Boomerang lenses online, and they will fit your chosen lenses and send the glasses back to you.

Sadly, there is only one size, which may not fit everyone perfectly. And the plasticky design looks basic. But you can pick from three hues to match your style or outfit.

Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen)
Amazon Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

Best Prescription Smart Glasses

Amazon’s Echo Frames (2nd gen) smart glasses offer easy access to Alexa and have a decent audio quality to play music, listen to podcasts, and answer calls.


What are smart glasses used for?

Smart glasses pair with your smartphone and act as an extension of it. Depending on the features of your smart glasses, you can use them to take photos, record videos, listen to music and podcasts, take calls, or talk to a voice assistant.

Are there prescription smart glasses?

Some smart glasses support prescription lenses. So if you wear prescription lenses, you can get them fitted into your pair of smart glasses.

Do glasses make you look smarter?

There are varying points of view regarding whether wearing glasses makes you look smarter or not. It typically depends on the perception of the person looking at you and your overall personality. But there are studies to support both sides of the argument.


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