The Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Protectors of 2024

Screen protectors are one of the best (and cheapest) ways to protect your expensive Samsung Galaxy S22. Here are five of our favorites to keep your shiny display safe from scratches and looking brand new.

UPDATE: 02/02/2024

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our picks for the best privacy screen protector, and best camera lens protector.

What to Look For in a Screen Protector in 2024

While phone cases are the most popular way to protect your smartphone, screen protectors are arguably just as important. A few dings and scratches on the metal chassis of your Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t have a tangible effect on your daily usage. A big crack running through the center of your screen, however, is bound to make for a frustrating experience.

Screen protectors come in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for an affordable TPU film, a high-end glass cover, or even something to improve your privacy, there’s a screen protector with your name on it. They also tend to be surprisingly affordable. In fact, you can often walk away with a decent screen protector for less than $20.

While the price for fixing the Galaxy S22’s screen is yet to be revealed by Samsung, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it clock at several hundred dollars. Last year’s Galaxy S21 cost a staggering $200 to repair. If you broke the S21 Ultra’s screen, you were looking at $290—and this isn’t even including all the time spent without a phone while it’s being replaced.

Screen protectors are clearly important, but shopping for them can often be difficult. With dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of products, it’s not always obvious which ones can tolerate the rigors of your daily life.

In general, glass or glass-like products can withstand the most beating. Film screen protectors typically offer a bit less protection, although you’ll still be protected from light scratches. However, they also tend to be much more affordable.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for well-known companies such as ESR, Anku, Spigen, and Otterbox. Most products in their catalogs are bound to be constructed to high standards, and you can reliably purchase these screen protectors without worrying about issues down the line.

The Galaxy S22 is new to the market, but there are already several great screen protectors up for grabs. We’ve pulled together five reliable products that will keep your screen safe from wear and tear while also offering impressive value.

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Best Galaxy S22 Screen Protector Overall: Otterbox Alpha Flex

Otterbox screen protector on pink background



✓ Antimicrobial tech

✗ Expensive

✓ Fingerprint resistant

✓ Durable construction

Otterbox might be known for its phone cases, but the company also churns out some of the best screen protectors in the business. They’re often a bit more expensive than the competition—the Alpha Flex clocks in at a hefty $45—but there’s no doubt you’re getting what you pay for.

Constructed with glass-like materials and infused with silver ions, the Alpha Flex wards off both scratches and microbes. Better yet, it’s built with a crystal coating that helps prevent fingerprints. And despite all that protection, your display will be just as responsive as usual.

With included tools for easy installation and a limited lifetime warranty, there’s not much to dislike about the Otterbox’s screen protector. You might want to look elsewhere if you’re sticking to a budget, but the extra money can be worth it when it comes to protecting your shiny new display.

This screen protector is available for the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

alpha flex s22

OtterBox Alpha Flex Antimicrobial Screen Protector

Best Galaxy S22 Screen Protector Overall

Although it’s the most expensive screen protector on our list, the Alpha Flex offers many features not seen in other products.

SuperShieldz screen protector on orange background



✓ Affordable

✗ Not as durable as other products

✓ Includes two screen protectors

✓ Simple installation

Unlike Otterbox, everything produced by Supershieldz tends to carry one of the lowest prices around. That’s not to say it’s low-quality—in fact, most products in its catalog tend to be consumer favorites. The High-Definition Clear Shield offers all you’re looking for in a screen protector without any bells and whistles.

The TPU film is easy to install, highly affordable, and each package comes with two screen protectors in case you ever need a replacement. It’s an ultra-thin screen protector, but it still boasts five unique layers for added durability.

Because of its affordable price, this is truly a “no-frills” screen protector. There’s no fingerprint resistance, no antimicrobial ions, and it might not be able to withstand the same damage as its premium counterparts. But if you need to protect your screen from scratches at a rock-bottom price, nothing can be the SuperShieldz High-Definition Clear Shield.

This screen protector is only available for the S22 Ultra.

supershieldz s22

Supershieldz High-Definition Clear Shield

Best Budget Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

$7 $9 Save $2

With more than enough durability to withstand minor scratches, the affordability of the High-Definition Clear Shield is hard to beat.

Spigen screen protector on S22 Ultras



✓ Reputable manufacturer

✗ Requires wet installation

✓ Includes two screen protectors

✓ Affordable

Spigen has been making affordable smartphone accessories for more than a decade, and its penchant for reliable, low-priced gear continues with the NeoFlex. Offering glare resistance in addition to scratch prevention, the NeoFlex film protector poses impressive value for its $13 price tag.

The biggest drawback to the screen protector is its detailed installation. Instead of just slapping it directly onto your display, you’ll need to spray down both your hands, phone, and protector with the included application solution. Only then can you put the screen protector on and finalize the process by running a squeegee over the entire device. It’s elaborate, but it leads to superior scratch resistance and little chance for bubbles to form under the screen over time.

If you can look past the install process, you’ll find one of the best film screen protectors around. Each pack comes with two films, meaning your phone should be protected for years to come.

This screen protector is only available for the S22 Ultra.

spigen neoflex s22

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Best Film Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

Spigen has a long history of crafting reliable screen protectors, although the required wet installation might put off casual users.

amFilm privacy screen protector



✓ 35-degree viewing angle

✗ Not as tough as some other screen protectors

✓ Anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating

✓ Compatible with ultrasonic fingerprint reader

Finding a good privacy screen protector can be difficult because it has to do two things well rather than just one. The fact that privacy protectors aren’t as common as standard screen protectors only compounds the issue. Thankfully, the amFilm Privacy Screen Protector handles both aspects brilliantly.

While some privacy protectors are content to reduce the viewing angle to 60 or 70 degrees, the amFilm protector takes it down to 35 degrees. Anyone looking at the phone at an angle shallower than that will see nothing but a black screen. Someone would have to be hanging over your shoulder to get a sneak peek at your emails, messages, or passwords.

On top of the privacy features, it also offers good scratch protection thanks to a 7H hardness rating. That isn’t as tough as some of the premium screen protectors but should be more than sturdy enough for the average user and offers a good compromise between thickness and strength.

The amFilm Privacy Screen Protector is fully compatible with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader built into the S22 screen. You might have to re-scan your prints after applying the film, but that’s no real hardship. An oleophobic coating helps prevent fingerprint marks from building up on the protective film.

The amFilm kit includes two screen protectors, two camera lens protectors, and the wipes and guides you need for a successful installation, all for just under ten bucks. If you want reliable screen protection AND privacy, that’s pretty hard to beat.

amFilm privacy protector

amFilm Privacy Screen Protector for Galaxy S22

Best Galaxy S22 Privacy Screen Protector

The amFilm Privacy Screen Protector offers good protection for the glass of your Galaxy S22, while also preventing others from seeing the data on your screen. 

cloudvalley camera lens protector



✓ Ultra-thin 9H tempered glass

✗ Not compatible with S22 Ultra

✓ Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

✓ Flat design fits under most phone cases

When considering protection for your new phone, the big slab of glass on the front usually gets all the attention. Even though the camera is one of the most used and most expensive parts to repair or replace, lens protectors can often be an afterthought. If you want to change that, the CloudValley Camera Lens Protector is the armor your S22 camera needs and deserves.

Made from incredibly thin tempered glass with an impressive 9H hardness rating, CloudValley’s lens protector will keep all three of the S22’s potentially delicate lenses safe from scratches and cracks. And it will do so without distorting images or adding glare to your photos, thanks to crystal-clear glass and a black anti-exposure surround.

An oleophobic coating helps prevent dirt and fingerprints from adhering to the glass, and the single-piece design makes it less fiddly to clean than three separate lenses if it does get grubby.

The flat, open-edge design is suitable for use with almost any phone case you choose. You get three easy-to-install protectors in the kit, which can be used with the S22 and S22 Plus, as well as all the usual wipes and dust absorbers.

cloudvalley lens protector

CloudValley Camera Lens Protector for Galaxy S22

Best Galaxy S22 Camera Lens Protector

A thin but tough tempered glass protector for the potentially delicate lenses on your Samsung Galaxy S22. Easy to install and thin enough to be compatible with most phone cases. 


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