The Best Samsung Galaxy S22+ Cases of 2024

Samsung flagship phones are popular, so there is no shortage of excellent cases for the Galaxy S22+. But choosing the right case can be difficult, so we have handpicked the best ones to help you out.

UPDATE: 01/30/2024

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our picks for the best over case, and the best clear case.

What to Look for in a Galaxy S22+ Case in 2024

The Galaxy S22+, like many other high-end smartphones, uses a glass sandwich design. While it looks great, any glass-sandwich phone is delicate. If you want to keep the phone in tip-top shape, picking up a case is a good idea.

However, as different consumers have different needs, there is no single case to rule them all. This is why the case manufacturers release cases in multiple form factors. As a result, you’ll find slim, rugged, wallet, leather, and clear cases on the market.

While the slim or thin cases add the least amount of bulk, there also typically provide the least protection. If bulk is a concern for you, thin cases are your best friend. But if you need protection due to your lifestyle or workplace, you’ll want to get a more rugged case.

Similarly, clear cases are ideal for showing off the phone’s design, and wallet cases help you keep everything you need in one place.

Additionally, raised edges for screen protection, wireless charging support, and easy access to the ports are features that you may want to look for in any prospective case. While most cases will have these features, it’s a good idea to make sure the case of your choice does to avoid disappointment.

With the basics out of the way, it’s time to dive into our recommendations.

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spigen liquid air armor for galaxy s22 plus



Slim and lightweight

Not as protective as rugged cases

Textured back and sides make it grippy

Easy to install and remove

It’s hard to beat the Spigen Liquid Air Armor if you want a no-frills and reasonably priced Galaxy S22+ case. It has a thin profile but still offers decent protection from everyday mishaps. But more importantly, the Liquid Air Armor has a textured back to add extra grip to your phone. So it won’t slip out of your hands. That said, Spigen has included its Air Cushion technology to handle accidental drops.

You also get a matte finish, so the case doesn’t flaunt a mess of fingerprint smudges. Additionally, its flexible TPU construction makes the case easy to install and remove.

In other features, the Liquid Air Armor is fully compatible with wireless charging and has raised edges to safeguard the phone display and the rear camera module from scratches and scrapes.

You can buy the Spigen case in Matte Black and Abyss Green colors.

spigen liquid air armor for galaxy s22 plus
Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Galaxy S22 Plus

Best Galaxy S22+ Case Overall

$16 $25 Save $9

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is the best Galaxy S22+ case for most people. It doesn’t add unnecessary bulk but still delivers good protection.

Best Budget Galaxy S22+ Case: Ringke Onyx

Ringke Onyx hitting ground



Slim and lightweight

Bland design

Affordably priced

Military-grade drop protection

There are plenty of brands that sell expensive cases for the Galaxy S22+. But being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better protection. Instead, you can pick a budget case, like the Ringke Onyx, and enjoy excellent protection without spending the big bucks.

The Ringke Onyx has everything a good Galaxy S22+ case should have. It provides military-grade drop protection, has raised edges, and supports wireless charging. You also get a matte, textured back to ensure a good grip. And like most Ringke cases, the Onyx features lanyard holes for hand or neck straps.

The case is also slim and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone. And you can buy it in three colors—Black, Dark Gray, and Navy.

Some people may find the Onyx boring but considering its price tag, there is not much else you can ask for.

Ringke Onyx S22+
Ringke Onyx

Best Budget Galaxy S22+ Case

The Ringke Onyx checks all the right boxes and has a pretty aggressive price tag. So if you want a budget case, you can’t do better than this.

Smartish Wallet Slayer on yellow background



Air Pockets for drop protection

Wireless charging rarely works

Space for three cards and cash

Grippy sides

If you carry just a few cards and cash on you, a wallet case can help you consolidate. There are several excellent wallet cases on the market, but we prefer Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 because of its form factor.

While many wallet cases have a folio-like design, the Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 has a raised pocket on the back to accommodate up to three cards and some cash. In addition, the case has a built-in spring to keep everything stored securely, and there is a small space to push cards out quickly when needed.

While it’s bulkier than conventional cases, it isn’t unwieldy or heavy and is comfortable to hold and use. The case also provides good protection and has grippy sides. Moreover, Smartish has included air pockets on the corners of the case to withstand drops.

There are four design options to choose from. Additionally, you can use the secret menu on Amazon to customize the case’s design using a selected range of back graphics.

Smartish Galaxy S22 Plus Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 1
Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Best Galaxy S22+ Wallet Case

Live a wallet-free future with Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1. It has an excellent design and can store up to three cards and some cash.

Otterbox Commuter Series on blue and green background



Raised edges to safeguard screen

Bulkier than conventional cases

Includes port covers

Supports wireless charging

Need a rugged case for your Galaxy S22+? You can’t go wrong with the Otterbox Commuter Series case. It’s a protective case that manages to look good, too. For example, the Commuter Series has been drop-tested to handle three times as much as the military standard. This is possible thanks to the case’s dual-layer design that includes a polycarbonate shell and a rubber slipcover.

The Otterbox case also includes port covers to ensure dirt and lint don’t get into your phone’s USB port. You also get raised edges to safeguard the display and the camera module.

Additionally, the case supports wireless charging, has enhanced grip, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Lastly, Otterbox is not just thinking about protection—it also wants to do its bit about the environment. The Commuter Series case uses around 35% recycled plastic. While it’s not 100%, it’s a step in the right direction.

If you are looking something with 100% recycled materials, Incipio has an excellent collection of eco-friendly cases to look through.

OtterBox Galaxy S22+ Commuter Series Case
OtterBox Commuter Series

Best Rugged Galaxy S22+ Case

$20 $40 Save $20

Otterbox makes some of the best rugged cases, and its Commuter Series case is perfect for the Galaxy S22+.

caseology skyfall for galaxy s22 plus



Textured sides for extra grip

Not the best drop protection

Supports wireless charging

Relatively slim and lightweight

The Galaxy S22+ comes in several great colors, so it’s no surprise you don’t want to hide it behind a case. But you can still protect it with the Caseology Skyfall and flaunt the colorway under the transparent design of the case.

The Skyfall has a relatively slim profile, and its TPU construction doesn’t make it excessively bulky. This means the case works seamlessly with most wireless chargers.

Moreover, it offers excellent protection, and the TPU material helps it absorb the shock of bumps and impacts. The Skyfall has also been tested to withstand drops from as high as four feet. You can consider our rugged pick if you need even better drop protection.

Other highlights include textured sides for extra grip, raised edges, and precise cutouts. You can get the Caseology Skyfall in clear, black, and rose gold colors. Except for the clear variant, which is completely transparent, the other variants have colored bumpers.

caseology skyfall for galaxy s22 plus
Caseology Skyfall for Galaxy S22 Plus

Best Clear Galaxy S22+ Case

$16 $25 Save $9

The Caseology Skyfall is a solid clear case with a superior grip, lightweight design, and decent drop protection. It also won’t interfere with wireless charging.

Spigen Thin Fit image



Soft-touch matte finish

Picks up fingerprint easily

Barely adds any bulk

Single color option

Air Cushion technology for drops

Thin cases aren’t for everybody because they don’t offer the best protection. But if you’re looking for some protection without bulk, the Spigen Thin Fit is our pick for the best thin Galaxy S22+ case.

The case is primarily made out of polycarbonate, but it uses some TPU material in the border. While the polycarbonate helps the case resist scratches and withstand impact, the TPU adds much-needed flexibility for installation and removal.

The Thin Fit adds barely any bulk to the phone but still offers a reasonable level of protection. It also features raised edges and has a matte, soft-touch finish that feels nice in hand and helps with the grip.

One of the drawbacks of the Spigen Thin Fit is its affinity with fingerprint grease. The case picks up fingerprint smudges very quickly. Additionally, it’s available in only one color and has a pretty bland look.

Spigen Thin Fit
Spigen Thin Fit

Best Thin Galaxy S22+ Case

$16 $25 Save $9

The Spigen Thin Fit is a great thin case that we like. It offers a decent level of protection without adding too much bulk to the Galaxy S22+.

black Bellroy case on grey background



Premium look

Expensive than TPU cases

Raised edges to protect screen

Multiple color options

Three-year warranty

TPU and polycarbonate cases can be boring, so leather cases are your best bet if you want a premium look. For the Galaxy S22+, we are recommending the Bellroy Leather Case. It is a genuine eco-tanned leather case, and a part of the Designed for Samsung Program. This means the case is fully compatible with the phone and will offer a perfect fit and finish.

The Bellroy case has a slim profile, but it still provides a good level of protection. Additionally, the company has included soft microfiber lining on the inside to ensure the phone doesn’t get any scuff marks or scratches while it’s in the case.

Other highlights of the case include wireless charging support, a three-year warranty, and raised lip to safeguard the display.

You can buy the Bellroy Leather Case in four exciting colors, including the fan-favorite Terracotta.

bellroy s22 plus case
Bellroy Leather Case

Best Leather Galaxy S22+ Case

The Bellroy Leather Case offers elegant protection for your Galaxy S22+. It looks premium and can be purchased in four colors.


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