The Best Meta Quest 3 Accessories of 2024

The Meta Quest 3 is an impressive package out of the box, but this powerhouse standalone mixed reality headset can be so much more if you pair it with the right accessories. Let’s look at how you can upgrade your virtual experience.

While there are a diverse set of accessories for a device like the Meta Quest 3, there are some universal things we want to see in an accessory to make it worth considering.

First, the accessory must improve some aspect of the standard Quest 3 experience. Different people have different needs, and no accessory will perfectly meet all those needs. For example, some people may not find the Quest 3 comfortable as it comes from the factory, but with the right accessory, this can be addressed. Some accessories might look like an improvement at first, but turn out to be pointless, or even make the experience worse.

Second, we want accessories that are reasonably priced. One of the major strengths of the Quest 3 is its competitive pricing, so you don’t want to erase that advantage with overpriced add-ons. The value proposition must be significant.

Third, the accessory must make your Quest 3 more convenient or pleasant to use in some way, with few if any drawbacks in other areas. For example, a new head strap should significantly increase comfort without making the headset too hard to adjust or put on.

Lastly, the accessory needs to be durable, especially since the Quest 3 is a wearable that will be jostled around, bumped into walls, and taken from place to place as a portable system. If one of these accessories helps make the Quest 3 even more durable, then all the better!

With that said, let’s look at the Meta Quest 3 accessories that impressed us the most.

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A foam hard case with cutouts for components of the Meta Quest 3 which is inserted into the case.



Sturdy and protective

Tight fit for Elite Strap

Reasonable price


Most Quest 3 carrying cases, including the official one, try to be as compact as possible. This is perfect if you want to throw your Quest in a backpack or take it with you to a friend’s house, but cases like those are a dime a dozen. The CASEMATIX Hard Case, on the other hand, steps things up a notch while priced at almost the same level as the official compact case.

Keep in mind that there are two versions of this case. One is pre-cut with space for all the standard stuff you’d get with your Quest 3. The other version lets you remove and replace pre-sliced cubes to accommodate your gear how you like it. This is handy if you intend to modify and further accessorize your Quest 3 over time.

Officially, this case is rated to accommodate the Quest Elite Strap, but according to some user reviews it’s a very tight fit. These reviews are in reference to the Quest 2 Elite strap, but that has a similar profile to the newer strap for the Quest 3. So if you’re planning on getting something larger, it may not fit in the CASEMATIX.

A hard case with foam cutouts for the Quest 3 VR headset.
Casematix Custom Hard Shell Case For Meta Quest 2/3

Best Meta Quest 3 Carry Case

This hard case from Casematix ensures your Quest VR headset will make it to where you want to take it in one piece.

A pair of Anker Souncore earbuds shown flying out of their case.



Great design

A bit pricey

No lag

Works with other USB devices like Switch

Generally, you don’t want to use wireless Bluetooth headphones with a VR headset thanks to latency, but the Soundcore Wireless VR Earbuds were designed to specifically address this issue and were made for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. These buds use a special codec and wireless protocol to eliminate latency, which means you get all the benefits of wired connection while having the freedom of a wireless device.

Sure, it’s easy enough to use wired headphones with the Quest, but using these buds eliminates the last wire that could spoil your immersion in the heat of combat. These will work with just about anything that supports USB audio, so you can also get low-latency audio with your Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5 and so on. Xbox consoles don’t support standard USB audio, so sadly you can’t use these with those devices.

The sound quality is reportedly quite full and satisfying, and we also like the overall design of the buds. Their very reasonable price is just the cherry on top.

Soundcore by Anker VR wireless earbuds
Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds

Best Headphones for Meta Quest 3

Anker’s wireless buds built for the Quest 3 elminates all the lag and other common issues other wireless headsets have in VR.

A comfortable strap by Destek for the Quest 3



Great price versus Elite Strap

Nothing really


Highly adjustable

It’s no secret that the standard straps that have come with every generation of Quest headset leaves much to be desired. They are designed to be portable rather than comfortable, after all. Meta itself knows this and offers an Elite Strap that provides better support and comfort, but makes the Quest hard to pack up in a small bag.

The DESTEK QH3 doesn’t solve the portability problem, but it does go above and beyond what the standard Elite strap offers by employing a load-bearing cushion that goes on top of your head. This takes the pressure off your face and lets your whole head bear it. The majority of buyers wax lyrical about its comfort. It’s also just over half the price of the official Elite Strap, so this is an easy one to recommend.

A comfortable headstrap for Quest 3 by Destek
DESTEK QH3 Head Strap

Best Replacement Headstrap for Meta Quest 3

$32 $35 Save $3

Destek offers a comfortable and affordable alternative to the standard Meta Elite Strap

A Zenni prescription lens being inserted into a Quest 3 headset



Official solution so they fit perfectly

Could be cheaper

Easy and streamlined ordering process

The Quest 3 comes with an integrated glasses spacer, so most people can use their glasses with the headset. However, it’s never an entirely elegant solution, and some glasses are just too big to fit in the Quest’s eye box. So, the best option is to use prescription lenses designed to fit inside the headset.

While there are third-party options, we think the official VR prescription lenses by Zenni are the best choice, particularly thanks to the streamlined ordering process. You can enter your prescription manually, upload or photograph your prescription, or provide it after purchase at a later date. You also have the choice of either an anti-fog coating or an anti-oil coating. Just order your lenses, and snap them in when they arrive.

A pair of Zenni prescription VR lenses for Meta Quest 3 on a white background
Zenni VR Prescription Lenses

Best Prescription Lenses for Meta Quest 3

Zenni’s official lenses make it affordable and easy to get perfect prescription lenses to use your Quest 3 without glasses.

A battery head strap for the Quest 3 headset.



Hot-swap with extra battery packs

Some complaints about mild buzzing sounds

You get a comfy strap as a bonus

Adds two hours of play time

While the Meta Quest 3 improves on the Quest 2 in just about every way, when it comes to battery life it’s a step back. Where the Quest 2 offers up to three hours of playtime, the Quest 3 runs out of puff at around the two-hour mark. Quest 3 users do have the option of using battery-saver mode that brings it up to three hours, but it’s at the expense of graphics quality. At that point, you may as well have stuck with the Quest 2. Luckily, you can add extra battery life by using the Binbok VR T3.

Now, it’s important to understand that this is also an elite strap-like replacement headstrap. So, if you want a different headstrap, this product won’t work for you. That being said, it’s better to have an extended Quest battery as part of a strap. By going this route, you also get the bonus of a better-balanced headset, and you don’t have to worry about a wire trailing down to a power bank clipped to your belt.

The T3 has a neat hot-swap system, although the cheaper model we’re highlighting here makes the hot-swap aspect irrelevant. If you want two batteries, you’ll need to buy the Binbok VR T3 Dual Battery Combo instead. However, before you automatically assume that this is the right move, do you need an extra four hours of runtime over and above the two hours offered by the Quest’s internal battery? Six hours of VR is an incredibly high amount, so we think a single extra battery will be more than enough for most people.

Generally, buyers seem quite thrilled with the T3’s performance, but one minor complaint from some user reviews notes a buzzing sound. The volume isn’t such that you’d notice while listening to headphones or concentrating on your game, but if you think a bit of power humming will distract you, opting for a battery that sits further from your head might be a good idea.

The Binbok TR V3 battery strap for Meta Quest 3
Binbok VR T3

Best Battery Pack for Meta Quest 3

The Binbok VR T3 offers both a comfortable strap, and a hot-swappable magnetic battery that adds two hours to your play time per battery. 

A woman wearing a Quest 3 VR headset with a Syntech cable plugged into it.




Doesn’t charge headset (but extends play time significantly)



These days, it’s preferable to connect your Quest to your PC using a wireless connection with the official Air Link feature. You also have the option to use a third-party app such as Virtual Desktop, or if you mainly play Steam VR games, the Steam Link app for Quest.

But using a cable does have its advantages. You don’t have to worry about battery life, and you get the most stable, high-quality VR experience possible. However, unless you buy the rather expensive official fiber optic cable, it can be hard to find the right third-party solution that won’t lead to frustration.

The Syntech Link Cable solves the cost issue while offering excellent quality and stability. However, while this will slow down how quickly your Quest 3 drains its battery, there’s generally not enough power coming from a typical computer USB port to charge the headset, especially with a cord this long. Also, stick with the 16-foot or 12-foot cables, since the 20-foot model reportedly has some data transmission issues.

A rolled up USB cable on a white background
Syntech Link Cable

Best USB Link Cable for Meta Quest 3

$20 $26 Save $6

The Syntech link cable for Quest 3 offers a lengthy, reliable, and affordable alternative to the official fiber optic cable from Meta.

A man wearing a Quest 3 headset with arms outstretched, showing each controller covered with a DESTEK grip cover.



Looks classy

Nothing worth mentioning

Feels great

Doesn’t block tracking sensors

The standard wrist loops that come with the Quest 3 will prevent your controllers from flying off your hands and smashing something, but they won’t do anything to prevent them from slipping from your grip in the first place. The DESTEK Silicone Controller Grips give your controllers a grippy texture and make them more comfortable for sweaty VR sections where you’re throwing your hands around.

Rather than using wrist loops, the DESTEK grips have adjustable loops around your hand itself. This is a great way to improve comfort as you won’t feel the cord touching your arm all the time. These grips are specially made to leave all the sensors on the Touch Controllers open, whereas some other grips block certain sensors, reducing tracking accuracy. It’s also simple to slide them off to access the Touch Controller battery, but Touch Controller battery life is so long that this will rarely be an issue.

Two meta Quest 3 controllers with grip covers.
DESTEK Silicone Controller Grips for Meta Quest 3

Best Controller Grip Covers for Meta Quest 3

These grip covers streamline and improve the standard Meta Quest 3 controller experience without breaking the bank.


How do I clean and maintain my Meta Quest 3?

The outer plastic shell of the Quest 3 can be wiped with a damp, lint-free cloth, taking care to avoid the external camera lenses. The external and internal lenses should be wiped clean with a lens cleaning cloth, such as those used to clean glasses. Do not use any solvents or chemicals on any part of the Quest 3, especially the lenses.

Can I use my Meta Quest 2 accessories with the Meta Quest 3?

This depends on the accessory in question. A USB link cable that works with Quest 2 will also work with Quest 3. However, a headstrap designed for Quest 2 won’t necessarily be compatible with Quest 3.

What are the differences between the Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 3?

There are numerous differences between these two generations of standalone VR headset, but the main ones are that the Quest 3 is twice as powerful, much smaller, and has extensive full-color mixed reality capabilities. It’s a significant improvement in almost every way compared to the Quest 2.

Can I use a VR headset with glasses?

Yes! The Quest 3 has an integrated spacer for glasses that can be adjusted so that your glasses fit in the headset, sssuming that they are not too tall or wide.


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