The Best GoPro Accessories of 2023

GoPro action cameras are great for documenting your hobbies, travels, and more. But you can improve their capabilities and the experience of using them significantly with accessories. Here are some of the best to get you started.

What to Look For in a GoPro Accessory in 2023

As action cameras have grown in popularity, their accessory market has exploded. You can find a wide range of them from GoPro itself and third-party manufacturers.

But while shopping for a GoPro accessory, you have to consider how you will use the camera or what you are trying to film. This way, you won’t buy accessories you will never use. But more importantly, it’s a good idea to favor quality when buying an accessory and shell out a few extra bucks if needed to ensure your GoPro and what you are recording remain safe and sound.

Compatibility is also vital. While most accessories marketed for GoPro will work across generations, some may not do so seamlessly or require adapters. So, ensure that the accessory you are buying is easy to use.

Moreover, if you plan to use your GoPro underwater, invest in waterproof accessories, a flotation accessory to keep the camera from sinking, and dome lenses for good video quality. You can also get a waterproof case as an extra layer of protection, especially if you plan to dive deeper than your GoPro’s rated water-resistance level.

So, with this out of the way, let’s delve into the best GoPro accessories.

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neewer 61-in-1 accessory kit



Tons of accessories

Some buyers report missing accessories

Good quality

Value for money

Unless you are buying a Creator Edition, GoPro action cameras are pretty barebones in terms of supplied accessories. So, if you want to use the GoPro effectively, you have to buy accessories separately, which can quickly add up in terms of cost.

This is where Neewer’s Pro Action Camera Accessory Kit comes into play. This 61-in-1 kit has everything that most people may want, including a carry case, selfie stick, mini tripod, buoy, an assortment of mounts, and various straps.

All accessories are well-made and are compatible with most GoPro Hero series and action cameras from other manufacturers. Plus, considering the number of accessories Neewer includes, this kit is an excellent value, especially if you will need many of the included parts at some point. But if you need something even more affordable, Neewer offers a 50-in-1 kit that is only about $33.

The only drawback is that some buyers have reported missing products from the kit, which you can quickly rectify by returning the kit with missing items and ordering a new one.

Neewer Pro 61-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

Best GoPro Accessory Bundle

This Neewer Action Camera Accessory Kit is a great way to get an assortment of helpful accessories for your GoPro camera. As the name suggests, there are over 60 accessories in the kit.

gopro head strap 2.0



Comfortable and easy to use

Slightly expensive

Modular design

Water resistance

A head mount is an excellent way to capture hands-free videos from your point of view. So, if you are looking for one, it’s hard to go wrong with GoPro’s own head strap. The GoPro Head Strap 2.0 was introduced in 2023 and has several improvements over the company’s previous offering, including better adjustability and comfort.

There are three parts to the head strap—the top strap, headband-only mounting, and clip-only mounting—and you can remove the top strap and use the clip mounting separately, making it relatively modular in its design and construction. The company says you can even mount a GoPro camera with just the headband on a tree trunk or pole.

Another highlight is that the head mount is water-resistant and durable. But being a first-party accessory, it’s a bit expensive. If you want something cheaper, consider the Telesin Head Mount, which also comes with a chest mount, or the Sametop Head Strap.

gopro head strap 2.0
GoPro Head Strap 2.0

Best GoPro Head Mount

GoPro Head Strap 2.0 is a durable head mount for your action camera. It’s water-resistant and has a modular design.

Best microSD Card for Your GoPro: SanDisk Extreme

sandisk extreme



Available in multiple capacities

Can be more durable

Recommended by GoPro

As GoPro cameras lack internal storage to keep your recorded videos and stills, a high-quality microSD card is necessary to get things started. SanDisk Extreme is one such microSD card that not only meets the requirements of the latest GoPro action cameras but is also recommended by the company.

The SanDisk Extreme is rated UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30), so it’s ready for 4K and 5K videos. In addition, it comes in various storage sizes, allowing you to get one that suits your needs. Also, keep in mind the maximum microSD card storage your GoPro supports.

As you can expect, it’s shipped with an adapter in the box, so you can easily use it with laptops and SD card readers with a regular-sized SD card slot. If you want to save a few bucks, you can also consider Samsung’s EVO Select Series microSD cards.

SanDisk Extreme

Best microSD Card for Your GoPro

$20 $23 Save $3

Available in a number of storage capacities, the SanDisk Extreme microSD cards are perfect for GoPro cameras. These cards are rated UHS-3 and V30.

HSU Middle Protective Carrying Case



Decent amount of space for GoPro and a few accessories

Can’t fit a GoPro camera with a cover

Good build quality

If you frequently travel with your GoPro camera, getting a carrying case accommodating a few accessories is a good idea. HSU offers multiple cases for the GoPro, but its Middle Protective Carrying Case hits the sweet spot regarding overall size and features. It can fit a single camera, a charger, up to four replacement batteries, and a couple of mounts or other similarly-sized accessories. You also get a zipped pocket for your cables. So there is a decent amount of space.

The case is also well-constructed and uses nylon joined EVA material with fabric lining and harm foam. As a result, everything is stored securely. Moreover, the case is scratch-resistant and splash-proof. So it won’t have trouble with light rain or snow.

Finally, the HSU offering has a handle for carrying it around and a carabiner loop.

HSU Middle Protective Carrying Case
HSU Middle Protective Carrying Case

Best GoPro Carrying Case

The HSU Middle Protective Carrying Case isn’t too big or too small. It can fit a reasonable number of GoPro accessories and an action camera. It’s also quite durable and splashproof.

gopro dual battery charger



Official accessory

No bundled wall adapter

Bundled two Enduro batteries

GoPro batteries don’t last very long. So, if you want a longer video recording session, you need extra batteries and a portable charger to keep them topped up. This is where the official GoPro Dual Battery Charger shines. As it comes directly from GoPro, you know it won’t have any compatibility issues or other problems.

The charger is compact, making it travel-ready, and features two LED lights to display the charging status of both batteries. The charger uses USB-C for power, and the company bundles a short USB-A to USB-C cable in the box. But unfortunately, it doesn’t supply a power brick. So, you will have to rely on your phone charger or a power bank to charge the batteries on the go. Interestingly, if you use a USB-C to USB-C cable, the charging speed is faster than the bundled cable. The bundled extra Enduro batteries are another benefit of going with the GoPro Dual Battery Charger.

As you can expect, it’s more expensive than third-party options. But for the safety of your equipment and batteries, it’s best to stick to the official charger.

gopro dual battery charger
GoPro Dual Battery Charger

Best Portable Charger for Your GoPro

The GoPro Dual Battery Charger is your best bet for keeping the GoPro batteries juiced up. It’s compact and comes with two Enduro batteries.

Rode VideoMicro I



Good audio quality

You will need a 3.5mm adapter for GoPro

Bundled shock mount

For situations when the built-in microphone of a GoPro action camera is not cutting it for you, the Rode VideoMicro I is a solid external solution that works well with GoPro offerings. It has a compact design and weighs less than 50 grams. The company also supplies a Rycote lyre shock mount and a furry windshield.

The microphone delivers an excellent performance with crisp and clear sound recording, which is significantly better than the audio from the built-in microphone.

Another benefit of going with the Rode microphone is that you don’t need any batteries to power it. It will just use the camera power to run. You will, however, need a 3.5mm adapter to use this with your GoPro camera.

Rode VideoMicro I

Best GoPro Microphone

$42 $60 Save $18

Rode VideoMicro I shines as a compact external microphone for GoPro cameras with its solid performance, reasonable pricing, and battery-less operation.

Eicaus Mini Tripod



Small size and portable

Isn’t ideal when you need to go higher than a foot

Doubles as a selfie stick

The Eicaus Mini Tripod is a versatile accessory for GoPro action cameras, as it works as a small tripod, selfie stick, and extension pole. Once contracted, it’s just over 6 inches in size, which is highly portable and will also fit in most reasonably sized carrying cases.

Moreover, thanks to its aluminum construction, it’s lightweight but still sturdy. It also provides good stability, and features a ball head to offer 360-degree rotation. Among other highlights, the company bundles all the necessary accessories, including a GoPro, to help you get started immediately. You can also use the tripod with your smartphone or a small camera.

You can also consider Joby GorillaPod Action as an alternative that can help you secure your GoPro camera in a variety of situations due to its flexible design.

Eicaus Mini Tripod

Best GoPro Tripod

$20 $26 Save $6

If you want a small tripod for your GoPro, it’s hard to go wrong with the Eicaus Mini Tripod. It also works as a selfie stick and comes with the required mounts.

Best Light for Your GoPro: Ulanzi VL49

Ulanzi VL49



Good battery life

Not water resistant

Decent brightness

It’s impossible to always get the perfect lighting. So, for low-light situations, you will need something like the Ulanzi VL49 to light up the subject, as GoPro cameras don’t have a built-in flash. The VL49 is an external light that attaches to your GoPro and brightens up whatever you want.

The Ulanzi offering has 49 LED beads in a compact form factor, which delivers reasonably bright light with a good color rendering index (CRI). So your subject won’t look unnatural. There is also a built-in diffuser for smooth lighting.

Thanks to its built-in 2,000mAh battery, it doesn’t draw any power from your action camera. You will also be happy to know it can last around 3-4 hours on a single charge and uses USB-C for power. Plus, the light features expansion slots to connect multiple lights together to increase the total output. However, this may not be very useful for GoPro owners.

Unfortunately, the Ulanzi VL49 isn’t water-resistant. If you need a light to shoot underwater, the Movo waterproof video light will be a better option. The Movo light can be submerged up to 40 meters underwater and is small in size.

Ulanzi VL49

Best Light for Your GoPro

The Ulanzi VL49 is an excellent light for GoPro cameras thanks to its compact size, built-in diffuser, and good battery life.


Can you use a GoPro as an everyday camera?

GoPro cameras can be used as everyday cameras as they capture high-quality videos and stills. They are also quite compact, water-resistant, and relatively easy to use.

Can you use a GoPro as a webcam?

The Hero 8 and newer GoPro cameras can function as a webcam if you want. You will need to install the latest camera firmware and use the company’s webcam utility. After this, you can use them as a webcam on Windows and Mac.

Do you need a subscription to use your GoPro?

You don’t need a subscription to use a GoPro camera. However, the GoPro subscription offers unlimited cloud backup, damaged camera replacement, and discounts on additional purchases.

How long does a GoPro battery last?

Different GoPro cameras can have different battery life, which can range from 40 minutes to 150 minutes. The battery backup also depends on your video recording resolution, frame rate, and airflow around the camera. But you can get the most out of your GoPro battery with a few simple tweaks.


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