The Best Gaming Chairs of 2023

If you spend long hours at your computer or TV gaming, you need to make sure your chair is comfortable and properly supports your back and posture. These gaming chairs do all that and more.

UPDATE: 12/27/2023

We’ve updated our buying guide with a variety of new gaming chair picks. Check it out!

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair in 2023

Gaming chairs and office chairs have a lot in common when it comes to finding a good one. In both cases, you want a chair that’s comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. You should be ending your gaming session because you’re done playing, not because your body hurts too much to keep going.

This means ergonomics are at the top of the list of features. A properly curved back, adjustable armrests, neck and lower-back support, and anything that promotes good posture and comfort are bonuses.

It’s also vitally important to get a chair rated for your weight and height. Any ergonomic features won’t work correctly if the chair is mismatched to your physical frame, making you extremely uncomfortable—not to mention that the chair may break.

Durability and choice of materials are important, as well. A full steel frame leather chair will be more expensive, but you won’t have to replace it as quickly. Then again, modern synthetic materials might breathe better, while materials like leather will typically retain heat. Keep the temperature and humidity of your gaming space in mind when deciding on chair materials.

Finally, the styling of the chair is much more important when it comes to gaming chairs than regular office chairs. The truth is that a good office chair works perfectly fine as a gaming chair—and, for many people, the “gaming aesthetic” isn’t appealing or something they want to advertise.

However, if you feel like wearing your gamer badge loud and proud, picking a chair with the nicest design for your setup is just as important as functionality. At the end of the day, the space is for you, after all. Picking a chair that looks good is just as important as how comfortable it is!

Now, let’s get into our best gaming chair recommendations.

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titan evo in game room



✓ Built like a tank

✗ Can get pricey, especially with all the trimmings

✓ Comes in multiple sizes

✓ Choice of materials to suit your budget and taste

✓ Ingenious magnetic attachment system for cushions

Secretlab is a relatively new company, but it’s consistently topped lists for gaming chairs over the last few years with a focus on upmarket materials and construction. As you might imagine, this means their chairs are more expensive than the average gaming chair, but not so expensive that they’re difficult to afford.

The Titan Evo 2022 is the culmination of that philosophy, refined over the years into a chair that does exactly what it needs to perfectly, without adding features no one cares about.

This gaming chair is built like a tank, is designed from the ground up to provide the best gaming ergonomics, and uses an elegant magnetic attachment system to add or remove the bundled head pillow.

The customization options on offer are what elevate the Titan Evo to the top of the pack. The chair is offered in three sizes to get the perfect fit, and then you can choose your own upholstery materials, colors, and even designs based on gaming or pop-culture properties.

A fully customized Titan Evo can inflate the price significantly, but that’s the cost of getting exactly the chair you want. If the price is too shocking, you can still opt for one of the more standard models.

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series

Best Gaming Chair Overall

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series is the ultimate chair for 99% of gamers. Ergonomic, well-built, with plenty of customization on offer, there’s nothing else like it if you can stomach the price.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed



✓ Affordable

✗ Max weight limit won’t be suitable for all gamers

✓ Ergonomic design

✗ Be prepared to spend some time assembling this

✓ Memory foam cushioning

Shopping around for a decent gaming chair on a budget can be challenging. If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare, your choices might be limited. However, look hard enough, and you can find a relatively low-priced, quality gaming chair that ticks many boxes—and that’s just what we’re here to do for you. Check out the Corsair TC100 Relaxed Gaming Chair.

For less than $250, this racing-style gaming chair provides plenty of style and comfort, with memory foam cushioning, an ergonomic backrest with a lumbar pillow, and a memory foam headrest. Fully adjustable and with a recline of up to 160 degrees, you can easily find that sweet spot for your gaming sessions.

This gaming chair is made with an alloy steel frame, making it durable and comfortable, and it can support a maximum weight of 264 pounds. Plus, a class 4 gas lift range of 100 millimeters can help accommodate taller gamers, with a maximum user height of six foot two inches.

The TC100 Relaxed is available with a plush leatherette or soft fabric finish and in gray and black, or plain black color tones. Upholstered to a high finish, the upholstery features perforated sections that enhance breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable for hours.

For the price point, it offers unbeatable value for money, looking and feeling far more expensive than it is. And whilst there may be a bit of assembly required with this chair, there’s very little to quibble about at this price.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed Tag
Corsair TC100 Relaxed

Best Budget Gaming Chair

$190 $250 Save $60

A competitive price point, high-quality finish, and plenty of options for adjustability make the Corsair TC100 Gaming Chair one of the best budget-priced gaming chairs available.

Anda Seat Kaiser 3
Anda Seat



✓ High max weight and max height limits

✗ Some assembly required

✓ Adjustable lumbar support

✓ Choice of finishes

✓ Choice of colors

For bigger and taller gamers, scouring those max height and max weight specs is par for the course when looking for a suitable gaming chair. Luckily, you’re spoiled for choice these days, with plenty of options to consider. One of the most impressive, particularly in the mid-range price area, is the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair. This feature-rich gaming chair has plenty of customizable settings to suit gamers of all dimensions.

This XL gaming chair accommodates a maximum weight of 395 pounds and a maximum height of six feet and eight inches. It’s molded around a precision-manufactured steel framework and offers exceptional durability and comfort.

Among its many features, you’ll find a four-way adjustable lumbar support system, magnetic memory foam neck pillow with cooling gel, 4D armrests with MagSwap, and a durable aluminum base. Plus, an ergonomic backrest alleviates the pressure on your back, providing lasting comfort.

Available with a linen fabric or PVC leather finish, you can choose the style that suits you best. Both finishes are stain-resistant, and there are nine different color options to explore, too, so you won’t find yourself stuck with black or gray tones.

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Tag
Anda Seat Kaiser 3

Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Generous maximum height and weight limits, ergonomic back support, and cooling gel cushioning combine to make the Anda Seat kaiser 3 one of the best gaming chairs for big and tall gamers.

Embody Gaming Chair



✓ Excellent range of features to promote correct posture and alleviate stress

✗ Very expensive

✓ Comes fully assembled

For the best in ergonomic comfort, the Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair is in a league of its own. Provided that the price point doesn’t scare you away, it offers the best ergonomic design we’ve seen in a gaming chair, promoting better posture and long-lasting comfort.

It incorporates PostureFit Spinal Support, which mimics a strong standing position, opening your chest while tilting your pelvis forward slightly. In this way, it promotes a healthy seated posture that will steer you away from bad habits, positioning you correctly without causing stress to your back.

An even pressure distribution helps distribute your weight evenly while sitting, helping your blood flow and eliminating body pressure caused by extended use. Finally, an automatic BackFit adjustment ensures that this chair moves harmoniously with your spine, adjusting to its unique shape and curvature.

Cooling gel is situated in the seat cushioning, adding to the luxurious comfort and helping to regulate your body’s temperature as you play. Everything here has been expertly designed to provide the ultimate comfort, which your back will no doubt thank you for if you decide to take the plunge.

The Embody Gaming Chair comes fully assembled, so it’s good to go straight out of the box. The only downside here is the price tag, which is considerable. But as a long-term investment in your own comfort, it’s a very worthwhile purchase for dedicated and passionate gamers.

Embody Gaming Chair Tag
Herman Miller Embody

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair provides the very best in ergonomics to promote healthy posture and alleviate spinal stress, for long-lasting comfort.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest on orange background



✓ Reasonable price

✗ Generic design

✓ Multiple available colors

✗ Footrest might be awkward for tall users

✓ Highly adjustable

If you’re looking to lounge out while gaming (or sneak in a nap between raids), picking up a chair with a footrest is a solid option. And while the market is a bit limited, the GTRacing Gaming Chair with Footrest stands out due to its affordable price and impressive adjustability.

Designed around a sturdy metal frame, this GTRacing chair can recline 155 degrees, has a removable headrest and lumbar cushion, supports 300 lbs, and is wrapped in durable carbon fiber leather. Its overall style is a bit underwhelming—it looks like every other gaming chair on the market—although the built-in footrest helps differentiate it from the competition. You’ll also find built-in speakers positioned behind your shoulders, a unique feature that makes it easy to pump out music or immerse yourself in your game.

Tall users might find the footrest uncomfortable, as it’ll serve more as a “calf rest” than a true footrest. Most people will find the footrest entirely adequate, but anyone with long legs might think it’s awkward to have so much of their legs dangling off the end of the chair.

Look past that minor caveat, and you’ll be treated to a reasonably priced gaming chair that should serve you well whether you’re nodding off to sleep or relaxing with your favorite game.

gtracing gaming chair
GTRacing Gaming Chair with Footrest

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

$160 $200 Save $40

It looks like a generic gaming chair, but its reasonable price, solid construction, and retractable footrest make the GTRacing Gaming Chair with Footrest a great choice for gamers who want to lounge out at their desk.

Respawn recliner in living room



✓ Great gamer aesthetic

✗ Not suited for gaming at a desk with a keyboard and mouse

✓ Reasonable price

✓ Has a cup holder

✓ Independent Back and Footrest recline

Gaming chairs are often a great mix of practicality and comfort, but if you want to move over to the comfort side of the scale, a gaming recliner is where it’s at. The Respawn RSP-900 maintains the gaming chair aesthetic while offering the comforts of a recliner. It’s perfect for console gamers with dedicated gaming spaces looking for a comfortable, gaming-styled chair.

We say ‘console gamers’ since recliners like these aren’t suited to playing at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. If you have you have a lap desk for your keyboard and mouse and have your PC hooked up to a TV, then you can take full advantage of the RSP-900.

Another issue is that this recliner doesn’t have a height-adjustable seat, which is normal for a recliner, but not great for a desk chair. It’s built to sit back and relax, and many features you’d see in a typical office chair aren’t present.

The backrest and footrest recline independently, so you can find the combination of angles that work best for you. We also especially like the inclusion of a pouch and cupholder, so you can access your phone or remote without getting up or needing a side table.

respawn gaming recliner
Respawn RSP-900

Best Gaming Recliner

While it may be more budget-oriented, the RSP-900 looks great and offers fantastic features that will elevate any gaming room.


What’s the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

Gaming chairs and office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so there is considerable overlap between the two. However, gaming chairs tend to have more dramatic designs, higher backs, and often resemble the seat of a racecar. For more details, check out our comparison of gaming chairs and office chairs.

How do I clean a gaming chair?

Cleaning methods will vary by fabric type, but most cleaning processes call for the removal of adjustable cushions, and vacuuming of physical debris (such as pet fur and food crumbs) before wiping with a damp cloth. Consult your owner’s manual before using any chemicals to ensure they won’t have an adverse reaction on your specific fabric type.

How do I make my gaming chair more comfortable?

To make your gaming chair more comfortable, you’ll need to fiddle with all its adjustable components. This could mean raising the seat height, swiveling its armrests, or modifying the tension of its backrest. For more tips, check out our extensive guide on PC ergonomics.

Why does my gaming chair keep going down?

A gaming chair will sink when there is an issue with the pneumatic cylinder that connects the seat to the wheels. There could also be an issue with the lever that adjusts your seat height or another mechanical failure. It’s not always possible to fix this issue, but there are some workarounds before ditching your chair for a new one.


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