The 2023 gift of the year is a bed cooling system: The Eight Sleep Pod

Looking for a gift for this year’s Black Friday? Meet the Eight Sleep Pod cooling system, the industry’s leading cooling bed, and the 2023 gift of the year.

Sleep cooling systems are changing people’s lives by their health, quality of life and overall well-being by providing optimal sleep conditions throughout the night.

While some people prefer warmer sleep temperatures, Major Allison Brager, Ph.D., a United States Army neuroscientist and sleep expert, explains, “The lower CBT is, the greater the propensity to be in the deepest stage of sleep,” which includes rapid eye movement (REM) and deep non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM).

Regarding bed cooling systems, the Eight Sleep Pod cooling system stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Here are seven reasons why:

1. Adjustable for all your sleep needs

With the capacity to cool as low as 55°F and heat up to 110°F, this system can keep you warm on the coldest of nights and provide comfortable, cooling sleep for your worst case of night sweats.

The Pod dynamically adjusts your bed temperature throughout the night, keeping you comfortably asleep by zeroing in your body’s particular sleep needs. Temperature adjustments made by the Pod throughout the night keep you from waking up and improve the quality of your sleep (by enhancing your REM & deep sleep phases).

2. Sleep and health tracking

The Pod is an intelligent sleep system that tracks and improves your sleep. It features the best-in-class hardware and software that powers medical-grade health tracking.

3. Built for two

Have a sleep partner with a different body temperature and different sleep needs? No problem. Two separate heat zones can be set to different temperatures, ensuring personalized temperatures for each partner.

4. Compatibility

It can be added to any size of bed.

5. Bonus features

A thermal alarm is accompanied by a gentle vibration that can be programmed through the app to wake you up at a specific time.

And if you are worried about the cover affecting your comfort while you sleep, an Invisible Sensing Design ensures no change in comfort to your current bed.

6. Financing

The Pod can be financed through Affirm and paid through monthly installments. This financing starts at 0% down and 0% APR.

The manufacturers are so confident in this product that they offer a 5-year warranty, a 30-night risk-free trial, free returns, and free shipping. It’s hard to beat that!

7. Social proof: Celebrity endorsements

The bed has been tried, tested, and endorsed by some of the world’s brightest minds and top athletes, including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Aaron Judge.

The following is taken from a detailed review by JD Ross, co-founder of Opendoor, a well-known risk management platform.

Metrics wise: HRV up 10-15%, resting heart rate down around 3-5 bpm, deep sleep up 20-50% vs long-term stays elsewhere. Qualitatively, I don’t get very tired around 4 p.m. versus always having an afternoon crash when elsewhere.

You can visit their wall of love to view the many other celebrity endorsements that speak to the product’s life-changing potential.

To learn more about the Eight Sleep Pod cover and how it can change your life, or to purchase yours now, please visit

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