Taylor Swift delights Argentina concert fans with popular Spanish slang

Taylor Swift gave fans a gift at her Argentina concert Thursday night when she substituted words from one of her most iconic songs with a popular Argentinian expression in Spanish.

During the performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Swift had one of her performers onstage emphatically sing “ni en pedo!” — which loosely translates to “no way” or “hell no” — instead of her usual words, “Like ever!”

As Argentina’s largest newspaper “El Clarín” reported, Swift “dedicated with a wink” an “Argentinism” to fans and did it during one of her most famous songs.

The fans loved the Spanish swap, and video of the gesture was widely circulated on social media, where Swift was highly praised.

“Give Argentinian citizenship to Taylor Swift and all of them, they’re all Latinos now,” a fan said on the social media site X.

The slang word “pedo” literally means “fart,” but the word has other meanings, like in the expression the pop star used.

The concert Thursday in Buenos Aires was the first of Swift’s Eras Latin America tour.


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