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By Ash Parrish, a reporter who has covered the business, culture, and communities of video games for seven years. Previously, she worked at Kotaku.
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It seems like Steam has a new themed sale event every other week, and this week, it’s Strategy Fest. As part of the sale, which started officially yesterday and lasts until 1PM ET on September 4th, you can get deals on a slew of strategy games of all stripes.
Of course, you can expect all the fan favorites to be deeply discounted. Civilization VI is at a “there is no real justification for not buying it” price of $5.99, or 90 percent off, while Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition is half off at $19.99.
But if you’re new to strategy games or strategy game-curious, those titles can be a bit overwhelming as starting points. Fortunately, Steam curated this bundle of games widely to include titles you might not think of as strategy games that are a bit more accessible and less crunchy — looking at you, Crusader Kings III. The fabulous Card Sharka game that teaches you valuable skills like how to count cards or stack the deck in your favor — is also on sale for $11.99.
Both XCOM games are not to be missed and can be snagged for $16 total, but I’m disappointed to see that Marvel’s Midnight Suns, another Firaxis-developed strategy game (which is far better than it had any right to be and is criminally underrated as a licensed Marvel game, damn it!!), is included in the bundle but not on sale. Also, a bunch of games from the Worms series are on sale for between 60 and 80 percent off if ruining… err… enhancing friendships is more your jam.
Though my gaming plate is full and not likely to be cleared at any point soon, after encountering a certain character in Baldur’s Gate 3, I find myself curious about the games that came before it. Fortunately for me, Steam has included both enhanced editions of Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale as a part of this sale. Despite warnings that playing BG2 now will only end in tears, I am, nevertheless, sorely tempted.
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