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A handy and surprisingly hidden trick allows Steam users to save time by selecting multiple games to be downloaded from their Library at once.
Eagle-eyed Steam users have uncovered a neat trick that lets them install multiple games at once. Valve’s Steam platform is one of the biggest online PC gaming outlets in the industry, allowing customers to purchase and download video games from virtually any publisher on their computer or Steam Deck system. There are even special discount offers that allow Steam users to buy certain titles at a reduced price.
Of course, after buying a particular Steam game comes the long process of downloading it. Depending on the size of the title in question and the speed of the user’s internet, it could be from a few minutes to several days before players can jump into the latest Steam release like Digimon World: Next Order. Making things even more tedious is the commonly-held belief that users can only select one title on their Steam account to be downloaded at a time – which as it turns out isn’t really the case at all.
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Sure enough, Reddit user roryc102 recently pointed out that Steam users can download multiple games from their Steam library at a time by shift-clicking their names off the side menu in the Library screen, right-clicking, and then selecting “Install Selected” from the resulting drop-down menu. Roryc102 posted a screenshot of a group of games being installed this way to illustrate this, leading many users in the comment section to bemoan that it has taken them this long to realize that they didn’t need to select their Steam games one at a time.
Other Reddit users have pointed out that this method of selecting multiple Steam titles at once can also be used to uninstall old games en masse and free up disk space, making room for the game they currently want to play in the process. However, while this shortcut allows players to select multiple games to be installed at once, they still will need to be downloaded one at a time.
However, there is little doubt that Steam users who want to download multiple titles from their libraries will find this hidden trick useful. The ability to select several Steam games at once has apparently been present for several years now, but surprisingly few users seem to know about it despite it being as easy as holding down the shift key and right-clicking for a drop-down menu.
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