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Here are the best FPS Video Games on Steam!
In a market where there are a plethora of FPS games, it can be hard to keep up and choose which one you might want to play. It seems like a new game is released almost every week. Even with some of the popular games, being popular doesn’t always mean good.
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Steam has a wide catalog of games to play, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to decide on what game you might want to try. Both positive and negative user reviews can certainly impact your decision when it comes to choosing a game.
Quake is not only a fantastic fast-paced FPS game, but the original was also the very first to introduce online multiplayer to the world of gaming.
While the original game is not free the next best thing that captures everything the original game has is Quake Champions. This free-to-play FPS brings the nostalgia of Quake with modern graphics.
Mixing together Quake and Quake 3 arena battles you now have the ability to choose between 16 different champions to play as and master their abilities.
Whether you’ve read about them or watched gameplay of the original games, SCP is more than a well-known name within the gaming community.
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a horror multiplayer game that you play with and against other players including SCPs. There are six different factions to choose from including scientists from the SCP Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency which is former employees, and SCPs themselves.
Depending on which faction you pick you try to secure the Foundation you’re at, sabotage it, or avoid the many things trying to kill you.
If you are looking for a different setting within multiplayer FPS games then look no further to Fistful of Frags. Set in the Wild West, this game delivers a different FPS experience from the more modern games.
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There are quite a few game modes to choose from including free for all, deathmatch, bank heist, and 1v1 to name a few. All the weapons are based on the Wild West era and there are quite a few to choose from.
The best part of this game is there are no microtransactions. Everything is play-to-unlock.
The saying “less is more” really defines the game known as Polygon. This may look like a simple game, but there is a lot more when you play it.
Made by one developer, this game can really stand on its own against AAA titles in terms of gunplay. This tactical FPS has both large-scale maps that can hold up to 32 players and smaller maps.
While there is a small range of weapons and attachments they are all well-balanced and nothing is meta. You play to unlock all your weapons and attachments, and there is a small battle pass to gain cosmetics, but nothing is pay-to-win.
When it comes to great and nostalgic FPS games, Halo is definitely one of the games that come to mind. Halo Infinite released both a campaign and a free-to-play multiplayer game.
This free-to-play game lets you enter the Halo universe with many features. Like most multiplayer games, there is a battle pass that unlocks seasonal rewards, unique events, new and different maps, and modes, as well as a new weapon, so if you have never played a Halo game this is a great way to try it out.
There aren't many games that get called the next Battlefield, but that’s exactly what World War 3 was dubbed when it came out in playtesting.
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World War 3 is a modern tactical FPS game that is free to play but also comes with a seasonal battle pass. There are many great features within this game including weapon progression, real-world locations, realistic gameplay, and two main game modes.
You can play in a Tactical OPs which is a 20v20 or in Team Deathmatch which is 10v10. Chest armor is also customizable, you can go light or heavy, and there is a wide variety of weapon customization.
Chances are that you have most likely heard of Destiny. If by any chance you haven't, this is a great MMO FPS game.
What makes Destiny 2 a really fun game is an immersive world and storyline. There is plenty to do in the base story such as leveling up your character’s class, armor, and weapons.
If you are looking for more of a challenge there are plenty of unique puzzles and quests to complete solo or with friends, and also multiplayer modes with both PvP and PvE including ranked gameplay. Destiny also has plenty of expansions that add to the story, but those are paid to unlock.
PUBG is a staple of the battle royale genre and one of the first ones to really kick off the popularity of battle royale games. PUBG offers so much in terms of weapons, armor, and pure strategic gameplay.
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The maps alone are wide open and extremely large maps with diverse terrain making gameplay both fun and challenging. You drop into this game solo or with your friends to try and eliminate every other squad, and there are many attachments for weapons that make for some fun sniping or close-quarter combat.
Even if you haven’t heard of CS:GO chances are that you have seen many iconic clips or catchphrases from this game. CS:GO is one of the most popular esports titles and for a good reason as a team-based game that offers competitive games in the form of 5v5 matches.
There are both short and regular matches in which your objective is trying to eliminate the other team, planting a bomb on one of the designated sites, or defusing the bomb if planted. You have a great set of weapons to choose from such as the Desert Eagle, M4A1, and AWP to name a few, and there are also plenty of community maps, mini-games, and cosmetics to make for a fun experience.
Apex Legends has been one of the top games in the battle royale genre for its diverse cast of characters and its incredible storytelling. If you haven't had the chance to play Apex Legends, there is no time like the present.
Being a part of the Titanfall universe this game has delivered some of the most in-depth storylines with a battle royale game. The story isn't the only thing that keeps fans coming back but the gameplay and many legends with unique abilities are what truly make this game stand out.
Apex continues to deliver with each season introducing new characters, new weapons, and a battle pass with season-exclusive cosmetics. This game can be played at both a fast and slow pace, but the legends' abilities make for some interesting fights.
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