Steam is Expanding Support for PlayStation Controllers

Sony’s PlayStation controllers are awesome for PlayStation consoles, and they also work with some PC games and mobile platforms. Even though Steam on PCs can detect PlayStation controllers, it’s hard to know which games actually support them. Valve is now trying to fix that, and it’s also rolling out other improvements for controllers on PC.

Valve has rolled out updates on Steam to enhance the gaming experience for users with PlayStation’s DualShock and DualSense controllers. The improvements include a revamped Controller-Friendly hub, providing easier exploration based on controller type, and personalized store pages displaying compatibility details for Xbox, DualSense, and DualShock controllers. Additionally, search options now include filters for specific controller models, enhancing the ability to find games designed with controllers in mind.

One of the biggest improvements is the ability to filter games by controller type in the controller-friendly hub. You can filter, for example, games that are compatible with DualSense controllers or DualShock controllers—Steam will automatically filter games depending on what controllers you’ve used recently, but if you happen to want to search for something else, you can also choose the filters manually.


Supported controllers will also start to be listed on store pages, so if you get to a specific game’s listing, you’ll be able to know straight out of the door what controllers are fully supported. Some games will be listed as “partially” supported, where some keyboard/mouse interaction might still be required in addition to the controller, and games that absolutely require a keyboard and mouse will be listed as such. These filters and information will also be available in the Library.

Valve says 12% of active Steam players regularly use controllers, and over 3 billion game sessions involving controllers were recorded in the past year, with many of these being PlayStation controllers. So with controllers becoming an increasingly growing alternative to the classic keyboard-and-mouse gaming experience on our PCs, it’s good to see them being embraced more and more.

All of these improvements are available on the latest version of Steam, so if you happen to be a controller user, you should definitely go ahead and grab the new patch whenever you get a chance.

Source: Valve


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