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The Steam Halloween sale dates line up deals on the biggest and best horror games in PC gaming, including Little Nightmares, Phasmophobia, Outlast, and more
Ken Allsop
When it comes to your wallet, there’s nothing scarier than Steam sales, and Steam Halloween sale time is here. Valve is ready to spook you with low prices and great deals on many of the biggest and best horror games on PC, including the likes of Little Nightmares, Phasmophobia, Outlast, The Mortuary Assistant, The Forest, and many more. The sale runs for just one week at the end of October, though, so you’ll have to jump on those sales quickly!
The Steam Scream Fest Halloween sale dates are October 25 – November 1. While many horror games have taken the opportunity to make the most of spooky season by offering sales throughout the month, it’s likely that many of the biggest and best deals will be reserved for the event. There are certainly plenty of big names on offer, and they range across a number of different genres too – as Valve explains, “One person’s spooky could be another person’s walk in the park,” so there’s plenty of variety to find the brand of horror that’s right for you.
The heaviest hitters are likely to be surreal platform game Little Nightmares, scream-worthy ghost hunting co-op game Phasmophobia, and the quite frankly terrifying Outlast, but you’ll find things to do here even if you aren’t in the mood to be completely freaked out. For a slightly less shouty time, co-op survival game The Forest lets you team up with friends to survive after a plane crash, building up a camp together to help defend against the mysterious mutants that roam the woods.
Also featured in the trailer are the likes of dungeon-crawling roguelite game Darkest Dungeon, where you lead a band of foolhardy but fragile adventurers into battle against eldritch terrors in search of the ultimate treasure. V Rising offers players the chance to build out their own settlement in a top-down vampire game adventure. The Bloodborne-like Thymesia, which took over the Steam charts after its recent release, offers plenty of fast-paced action that will keep you well-challenged throughout. Meanwhile, GTFO dares to ask the question, “What if Left 4 Dead was way more tense and intimidating?”
Once the sale goes live, you can find it at this page on Steam. For a more comprehensive list, including other games such as Devour, Gloomwood, Lunch Lady, Chernobylite, and more, you can check out the official event trailer below:
If you’re curious which games are hitting big during the sale, the new Steam charts should make it easier than ever to keep track. For those of you who are looking to spend even less money, be sure to check out what we think are the best free PC games available right now. Steam developer Valve’s got some mysteries of their own at the moment, with a new ‘Neon Prime’ Valve trademark causing plenty of speculation among fans – though it’s unlikely that it’s anything to do with the ongoing Half Life 3 saga, so put your red string away for now.
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