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Update (August 13, 2022): Some Steam Deck users have reported that the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 update makes the game run out of memory and crash randomly on the device.
Playing GTA 5 on the go is a dream for many players, but the Steam Deck can make that dream come true. This new portable console came out on February 25, 2022, with great reviews. Those with a Steam Deck can play most of their beloved Steam games on the platform, including the highly popular GTA 5.
This game doesn’t have an official mobile port. It’s not out on the Nintendo Switch, Android, or iOS, yet players have relied on unofficial ways to play the game on those platforms. The main advantage of the Steam Deck in this scenario is that it’s exceptionally easy to use and works phenomenally for not much effort.
The above video is about 27 minutes long, but it shows off everything that a gamer could hope to see. GTA 5 is capable of going up to 60 FPS, making this system significantly more powerful than the similar Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, players don’t have to sacrifice graphics to have good FPS.
This video shows how the first few missions in the game look on this platform. It’s exactly what gamers can expect in a good way. Just keep in mind that the game is fairly big in file size (72 GB on Steam). Otherwise, it’s worth looking at the handheld console and how convenient it is.
This platform gives players a new easy way to play their favorite games on the go. There aren’t any wires attached to the Steam Deck, so it’s not at all cumbersome to use. Its layout is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode, and it’s even capable of playing GTA Online.
If a player has a good internet connection, then they can easily run GTA Online on the Steam Deck as well. This gameplay video shows how fluid the game runs on this console. It’s in a different language, but the core gameplay should be familiar to anybody who has played the game before.
This player drives around in a lobby with plenty of others while still getting bombarded with the usual texts and notifications that GTA Online players usually get. The FPS is regularly around 60 (further important details are shown on the top left side of the screen).
Hence, any gamer who wants to play GTA 5 on this platform can choose to do so without being inconvenienced by poor performance.
One of the main draws of playing GTA 5 on the Steam Deck is how portable it is. Many gamers get tricked by fake GTA 5 APK files online (it is one of the most malware-ridden searches out there, after all). Hence, it’s nice for them to have an easy-to-use alternative that works with an abundance of other great games.
Rockstar Games might never officially launch the game on Nintendo Switch, Android, or iOS, but this platform more than makes up for that as far as convenience goes.
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