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Here are the best casual games on Steam!
Steam is a massive marketplace of PC games from a variety of genres. The hardcore gaming audience will have so much to choose from including difficult 2D platformers to action-packed dungeon crawler roguelikes. But there is also an audience that want more of a casual gaming experience.
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Luckily, there are thousands of games under the store tag "Casual," meaning these are games that are perfect for those who want to chill while going through the gameplay loop. And while there are so many casual games on Steam to choose from, there are quite a few that are among the best the service offers.
Playing a game about making a game seems like an ironic experience, but Game Dev Tycoon is actually quite a beloved entry in Steam's casual game library. From Greenheart Games, the experience focuses on your career in game development in the 1980s, back when many games were made out of pixel art.
After starting off the journey in a garage, you will begin to dissect what makes a good game and what direction to go in that will attract more people to play it. If the business is successful, you can enjoy rewards such as making bigger games and moving into your own office as well.
A common form of casual game on Steam is known as the idle game. These are experiences that focus on you not being as zeroed in on gameplay and revolve around building a system where you don't have to do that much to keep leveling up and getting stronger.
Cookie Clicker is the most well-known example of this, and the premise is simple: keep on clicking the big cookie to keep producing as many cookies as you can. Along the way, you will be offered upgrades in exchange for the cookies created and this will increase the overall output of cookies made.
Upgrades include hiring grandmas and creating facilities like farms and factories.
There are some iconic platform fighters out there, many of which feature many crossovers. Ubisoft joined in on the platform fighting scene with the release of its title Brawlhalla back in 2017.
Since its launch, it features over 50 different crossover characters that have spiced up the game.
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Brawlhalla features battles that can pit up to eight people online against each other in fighting action. There are quite a few different modes, including free-for-alls that involve just beating each other up to ranked matches that focus on more competitive play.
In fact, there are over 20 game modes for you to try out.
Casual games may not seem like they incorporate a lot of systems, but Dave The Diver is perfect for those who like an overall straightforward experience while also enjoying the depth of having many systems to play around with. This adventure RPG can sometimes feel like a completely different game depending on the current task.
During the day, Dave does what he has always been known to do: being a diver. Going into the sea, players will have the opportunity to collect resources, gather fish, and discover mysterious aspects of the ocean.
At night, Dave takes on the role of running a sushi restaurant by the water using the fish he collected.
Keeping a city running can feel a bit stressful, but a casual approach to this can revolve around focusing on one aspect of city management games. Mini Motorways is all about setting up the road map for a civilization so that way traffic can flow perfectly, and the city can keep growing.
The strategy puzzler puts you in control of placing one road at a time to create a map that keeps traffic moving around at a decent rate. In addition to level-based gameplay, there is an Endless mode for those who are looking to keep going with one level for a long time.
There is also an Expert mode for those who want a challenge.
Silly games are another common type of casual game on Steam, where the main goal is to have fun and laugh along the way. One delightful game currently in early access is Wobbly Life, a ragdoll-physics simulator that revolves around living on an island and exploring every aspect of it.
The start of the game revolves around taking on jobs and making enough money to buy a home, vehicle, or a variety of different customizations. Then, set off into the world with various locations to visit and some adventures to go on.
Wobbly Life can be played single-player or online with your friends or random people.
The most casual sport out there is arguably mini-golf, so it makes sense that there are so many different mini-golf games in the casual category on Steam. One of the more popular titles in the genre is Golf With Your Friends, a game by Blacklight Interactive.
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While it can be played alone, Golf With Your Friends is built for up to 12 individuals to golf at the same time. The main mode of the game allows every golf ball on the course to be shot at once, with many customizable options including turning collision on or off, and there are other modes as well, including basketball and hockey.
The classic game of Tetris has not grown old for many, but those who are looking for a more modern take on the puzzle franchise can look to an experience co-developed by Monstars and Resonair and published by Enhance called Tetris Effect: Connected.
The most notable aspect of Tetris Effect is its added visual elements that include wild lighting and colorful scenarios that look like they are presented in space.
In addition, the game features a multiplayer mode that can either have a cooperative focus or be competitive. However, those who want to play alone will have a solid single-player offering.
The idea of doing chores in real life can be a drag, but chores in video game form have become a major craze.
In recent years, PowerWash Simulator has become a title synonymous with this idea. But with it comes a lot of chill levels and a quirky story told through text messages.
PowerWash Simulator's main campaign focuses on sending you to various locations, such as a carnival and a subway, to thoroughly clean every spec of dirt and grime off of every surface. It is a huge undertaking, but there is a co-op with up to eight people available for those who want to work together.
The idea of fighting hordes of enemies may not seem appealing initially to casual gamers, but Vampire Survivors is the perfect experience if you want something that is easy to learn and incredibly addicting at the same time. Calling itself a time survival game, Vampire Survivors tasks you with being able to survive waves of monsters.
The goal is to survive as long as possible, gathering upgrades and power-ups along the way that will help with taking down enemies in massive numbers. It's a game with rogue-lite elements, which means that players will be able to make even more upgrades after each death and keep playing.
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