Spotify Premium Is Free for Three Months Right Now

Through December 31st, new subscribers who join Spotify Premium get their first three months for free. Returning subscribers can get two months of Spotify Premium for free, but only after paying $10.99 for their first month.

If you’re genuinely interested in Spotify Premium, then this is a pretty solid deal. You’ll get three months of Spotify for free (a $33 offer), which gives you plenty of time to explore music, podcasts, and best-selling audiobooks. After your three months are over, you can cancel your membership or let it auto-renew at $10.99 a month.

From November 27 through December 31, eligible Spotify Free and first-time Spotify listeners who sign up for our Individual Premium plan will get three months for free. And for those missing their Individual Premium plan who canceled before Oct 27, Spotify is offering three months of the Individual Premium plan for just $10.99—less than $4 a month.

Returning subscribers only get two months of free service, and that’s after paying for one month. But it’s still a good deal, especially if you take advantage of Spotify’s new audiobook library (one month of Spotify Premium is cheaper than buying an audiobook). This deal may also make sense if you’ve switched to another service, such as Apple Music or TIDAL—pause your subscription, join Spotify for three months, and return to your service of choice when the promotion ends.

This promotional offer is also notable for the strange way that it was announced. Instead of pinching out a standard press release, Spotify revealed its three-month offer in the opening paragraphs of an interview with Sebastien Andrade, a TikTok personality. The interview was published in For the Record, a newsletter that’s owned and operated by Spotify.

To redeem this offer, you must sign up for a Spotify Individual Premium plan before December 31st—Family and Student plans are not eligible. New subscribers get their first three months of service at no cost. Returning subscribers who canceled Spotify Premium before October 27th can get two months of Premium for free, but only after paying $10.99 for the first month.

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Upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium and get your first three months for free. Returning subscribers get two months free after paying for their first month. This offer ends December 31st.


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