Samsung Health Now Has Medication Tracking

It can be easy to forget when you need to take medication, which is why many apps have sprung up over the years to help you remember. Apple also has medication tracking and reminders in its Health serivces, and now the same functionality is heading to Samsung Health.

Samsung has just introduced a new Medications tracking feature in the Samsung Health app, which is meant to help people on strict medication regimes stay on top of them and not miss, or repeat, any doses. The feature allows people to monitor both prescription and over-the-counter medications, and you can input a medication’s name to receive comprehensive information, including descriptions, side effects, and potential interactions with other drugs or substances like caffeine and alcohol.

The Medications feature enables people to log details such as the shape and color of their medications, dosage, and consumption times. It also facilitates the setting of alerts for medication reminders and refills, with varying levels of urgency based on individual prioritization. There’s also the option to receive reminders to take the medication on your smartphones and smartwatches.

Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company’s goal of providing a holistic health management platform by connecting devices, services, and people through Samsung Health. The app already offers advanced health features like sleep management, mindfulness programs, and irregular heart rhythm detection, so the addition of the Medications tracking feature further positions the Samsung Health app as a one-stop-shop for everything health, at least for Samsung device owner. This feature, specifically, will prove to be extremely useful for a lot of people, as it goes much further than just being a feature to remind you to take your medications—it takes into account which medications are you taking and keeps you informed about them all.

The Medications tracking feature will initially be available in the U.S. through an update to the Samsung Health app, while people in other countries might get the feature soon. This doesn’t replace your pharmacist, and you should still consult with them if you have any pressing questions, but this is a good companion.

Source: Samsung


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