Report: Valve’s ‘Counter-Strike 2’ Is Actually Happening, And Almost Here – Forbes

While Valve has been mainly concentrated on hardware as of late, first with VIVE VR and now with the Steam Deck, a new report suggests they may be on the verge of releasing something massive, the long-fabled Counter-Strike 2.
Now, there have been plenty of Counter-Strike 2 rumors over the years since the original debuted in uh, the year 2000. But the game has endured and 2013’s CSGO remains one of the top shooters on the market to this day.
However, this time around things are different, because this report comes from Richard Lewis, the Counter-Strike journalist and one everyone takes very seriously. He’s corroborated reports from other leakers, and in a paywalled Substack article, details what he heard.
The idea is that not only is Counter-Strike 2 real, it’s not some far-off project. Lewis reports that a beta may be on the way as soon as late March/early April, possibly even April 1st (which has raised some April Fool’s Joke concerns among onlookers).
Other details include that Valve secretly flew out a professional CSGO team to test it. Also, Counter-Strike 2 will have a 128 tick rate, be made in Source 2 and have improved matchmaking.
There seems to be some controversy around the fact that this could be a wholly separate game rather than an upgrade to CSGO itself. Some players are wary of that happening, as many want to know if that being true would allow for the transfer of years of skins between the games, but there do not appear to be any details about that yet.
The point is, if this is true, and Richard Lewis putting his name to this has automatically convinced many that it is, it will be the biggest Valve release since Dota 2 in 2013 (sorry Half-Life Alyx, you were great but didn’t have the reach) or the original CSGO in 2012, which yes, 11 years later, it does seem like it’s due for an upgrade or replacement.
If the timeline of this is accurate, we should start hearing about this directly from Valve very soon if this late March/early April beta idea come to pass. But even just this report from Lewis has already lit the gaming world on fire, and I do not expect it to stop burning any time soon, given the gravity of the news at hand.
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