PS5 Owners Can Enjoy Six Months of Free Apple Music

The cheapest Apple Music plan was recently discontinued, with the most affordable way to enjoy endless music now being a student plan. However, if you own a PS5, Sony and Apple are offering a new deal and will give you six months free of Apple Music.

This new promotion unlocks complete access (ad-free, might I add) to Apple Music for anyone with a PlayStation 5. The freebie is available for every model, including the new PS5 Slim. As long as you own a PS5 console and sign up before November 15th, 2024, you can take advantage of it.

Apple and Sony’s free Apple Music offering isn’t just a limited-time deal. Instead, anyone can sign up between now and November 2024. So, if you’re already a subscriber, you can wait a while and jump on the promotion later. More importantly, the fine print says this offer is available for new and “qualified returning” customers, which is promising. However, Sony doesn’t mention what a qualified returning customer is, but it’s likely someone who canceled their subscription a while ago and not recently.

So, how can you take advantage of this free Apple Music deal? To activate six months of free music, simply download the Apple Music app on your PS5, then sign into Apple Music. It’s that easy. As expected, once your account is activated, you can bump your favorite tunes on any device that supports Apple’s music streaming app. I’m talking about phones, tablets, Windows, and more. It’s not limited to your PS5 console. Apple currently offers over 100 million songs.

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, and unlike most of Apple’s products and services, it’s not limited to the company’s own devices. In addition to the PlayStation consoles, it works on Windows PCs (with iTunes or the newer Music app), web browsers, Android devices, Xbox consoles, Roku, Google smart speakers, and more.

Like any promotional offering, after your free six months expire, you’ll get charged Apple’s standard $10.99 monthly price for Apple Music. From here, you can continue enjoying all it offers or cancel. Don’t forget one of these top PS5 headsets to help you enjoy all that music.

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