Proton's Password Manager Is Now Available for Businesses

Proton’s excellent password manager is now available to business. The introduction of Proton Pass for Business will curb cyberattacks and streamline operations in corporate environments, though it will also contribute to Proton’s bottom line and accelerate the development of Proton services.

From a cybersecurity standpoint, a business is only as strong as its weakest link. Hackers will usually target an employee before working their way up to critical systems and sensitive data. Credential stuffing and phishing, which take advantage of poor security practices or human ignorance, are the go-to methods of attack.

Password managers reduce the efficacy of credential stuffing and phishing. This is true in both a casual and professional setting—a password manager helps you generate strong and unique login credentials for every account. And, thanks to Proton Pass’ Hide-my-email feature, secure passwords can be accompanied by proxy email addresses, thereby reducing the attack vector for phishing schemes.

Proton Pass also uses its Sentinel technology to protect against account takeover. And, as with all Proton products, Proton Pass for Business is shielded by public-key cryptography—even if Proton suffers a data breach, its users should be safe.

Most major password management services, including 1Password, Bitwarden, NordPass, and Dashlane, offer a subscription package for business and enterprise users. Proton Pass for Business is notable for its Hide-my-email feature and its transparent pricing model—you’ll pay $1.99 per user per month, no need to haggle with a sales rep. That said, Proton Pass is still a new service, and it’s still working to add some important features.

If you’re a normal person, rather than a business owner, this is still a pretty significant announcement. The Proton Pass Plus membership recently received a permenent 50% price reduction. The discount was attributed to economies of scale, meaning that Proton is willing to slash prices as its services become more profitable. Let’s hope that the generosity continues and extends to other services in the Proton portfolio.

The Proton Pass for Business plan is available today and costs $1.99 per user per month. Individuals who need a password manager can join Proton Pass Plus for the same price.

Source: Proton


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