Proper Extensions Are Finally Landing on Firefox for Android

One of the most-awaited additions to Firefox on Android is extension support. Not only will it help the browser stand out even further from the sea of simple, Chromium-based browsers available on Android, but it will also allow for improving your Firefox browsing experience manifold. Mozilla had set a date for the launch of extensions on Firefox, and now, a selection of over 450 extensions is available for you to check out on your phone.

After putting December 14th as the launch date for Firefox’s “open ecosystem of extensions” on Android, the browser is finally getting a wide set of extensions that you can check out and install on your phone. Users have been able to install a small subset of “preview” extensions for a couple of weeks now, but now, the full set of over 450 extensions Mozilla has enabled for mobile use is available for downloading and installing. There’s Midnight Lizard for improving your reading experience (especially at nighttime), uBlock Origin if you need something that can get rid of ads effectively, and even extensions such as Worldwide Radio for listening to radio stations all over the world.

While there’s something for almost everyone right now, Mozilla says that it will keep enabling more extensions and experiences over the coming months. The beauty of this is that these are technically the same extensions that you can use on the desktop version of the browser. Firefox Nightly already had this capability, but for stable Firefox, Mozilla is actually hand-picking which extensions are optimized for mobile use so they can be downloaded by users. We’re expecting the current +450 extension figure to grow exponentially in the near future—after all, Mozilla is aggressively pushing developers to optimize their extensions for Android, and the company said that it previously expected to launch about 200 extensions today.

A lot of Firefox users have sorely missed this kind of flexibility since mobile extensions were killed back in 2020, and Firefox now has a big advantage under its sleeve. If you want to check out extensions, make sure to download the latest version of the app and go to Mozilla’s dedicated Android extensions page.

Source: Mozilla


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