Peter Parker Can’t Do The ‘Wakanda Forever’ Salute In Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales and Peter Parker have a lot in common, both swinging around New York City in spandex as Spider-Man and compulsively quipping at bad guys before punching their lights out. The duo even share skill tree points in Insomniac Games’ recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, only one of them can do the Black Panther movies’ famous “Wakanda forever” pose in Insomniac Games’ latest, and it isn’t the person whose name rhymes with Beter Barker.

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Spider-Man 2 is filled with comic book and film references both obscure and popular. Insomniac’s latest pays homage to the late Chadwick Boseman two-fold, through Miles’ ‘Forever Spidey’ suit that looks a lot like Black Panther’s outfit and by erecting an Embassy of Wakanda in Midtown. If you walk to the entrance of the Embassy—which is very hard to miss thanks to all the Wakandan flags near its front windows—you can press the Triangle button and have Spider-Man cross his arms in the iconic pose from the Black Panther movies. This neat interaction can only occur if you’re playing as Miles though.

This character-specific environmental interaction was first spotted by SpectreXGaming on TikTok. In response to a follower asking if both heroes could do the pose, SpectreXGaming uploaded a side-by-side video showing Miles swiftly snapping into the iconic Wakanda salute while Peter just kinda collides into the Embassy’s front door before turning back toward the camera. Here’s the video:

As you might have guessed, SpectreXGaming’s video led to a bunch of replies questioning whether or not Peter is down with Wakanda.

“Why the hell Peter not allowed to do it,” one TikTok commenter wrote.

“Aren’t Peter and T’challa homies,” asked another.

“Peter don’t fw wakanda💯” another wrote.

“Peter would definitely do it idk why they chose not to let him do it,” a person with the username “Arthur Morgan” replied.

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Before you ask, no, putting Peter in the Black suit doesn’t magically let him do the pose. However, that didn’t stop SpectreXGaming from making a pretty funny video of Venom doing the pose with the help of a complicated Spider-Man 2 glitch.

While Insomniac Games hasn’t offered an official statement about why Peter can’t do the Wakanda pose, I’d like to believe Peter wanted to spare me from remembering that time he went to Africa and got his hair braided into cornrows in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2. Damn it, I just remembered he did that!


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