Peak Design and Nomad Team Up for a Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Case

Those who need a super-durable iPhone 15 Pro case with a bit of extra functionality can now purchase the Nomad x Peak Rugged. It’s a dense-yet-slim case with extra protection for the iPhone’s camera and screen, and it supports the full range of Peak Design SlimLink mountable accessories.

The Nomad X Peak Rugged case originally debuted for the iPhone 14 Pro in 2023. This release simply adds iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max flavors to the lineup. Nomad and Peak Design haven’t changed the Rugged case in any notable way—it still uses a lightweight polycarbonate design with TPU bumpers and a 100% recycled nylon canvas backside. Naturally, the case complies with Peak’s SlimLink mounting system and supports MagSafe accessories.

The Nomad x Peak RUGGED case for iPhone 15 Pro.
Nomad x Peak

While this isn’t exactly a new product, it’s still worth highlighting. Peak Design’s excellent mounting system greatly expands the iPhone’s usability, especially if you’re a content creator, a cyclist, or someone who doesn’t trust the weak magnets in Apple’s MagSafe wallets. Yeah, you can get the same functionality from Peak Design’s Everyday case (which launched for the iPhone 15 Pro some time ago), but the Everyday case isn’t ruggedized.

That said, the Everyday case is pretty tough and costs $15 less than the Rugged case. If you want something in a pretty color, the Everyday case is the better option anyway, as the Rugged case only comes in black.

Note that Peak Design and Nomad are both Change Climate brands. The Rugged case is Climate Neutral Certified, and its nylon canvas backside is 100% recycled. In our experience, Peak Design cases tend to be quite durable and long-lasting, even with the recycled materials. Also, any SlimLink accessories you buy will be compatible with future Peak Design cases.

You can buy the Nomad x Peak Rugged case for $65. It’s available for the Pro and Pro Max models of iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. Be sure to check out Peak Design’s SlimLink accessories—if you aren’t interested in the accessories, you probably don’t need the phone case. Peak Design has also collaborated with brands like Leica and Logitech G, if that’s up your alley.

Source: Nomad, Peak Design


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