Miles Morales’ 10 Best-Looking Suits In Spider-Man 2

A Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot shows Miles Morales wearing his City Sound suit.

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Kotaku

We’ve already recommended you the very best ways to dress up Peter Parker for the most stylish city traversal, but what about his partner-in-crime-fighting, Miles Morales? Worry not, for here we’ve collated the ten best ways to dress to impress the denizens of New York City.

Miles Morales has had to shoulder a lot of weight over the course of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Miles Morales. Most notably, grieving the death of his father at the same time as taking over Peter Parker’s hero duties on his lonesome, while the OG spidey took a much-needed vacation. In Insomniac Games’ latest, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Miles’ greatest challenge is painfully relatable: finishing his college application essay. Instead of making time to knock his essay out, Miles uses his superhero responsibilities as an excuse to procrastinate. Sure, Miles is being irresponsible, but we get a plethora of cool new spider suit designs as a result so I’m willing to cosign him on this one.

In the spirit of procrastination for the sake of rad clothes, here are 10 of our favorite Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 suits. Honorable mention to Miles’ City Sounds costume. It’s giving Sunday Best with a hint of Mr. Rodgers and I think it’s brave of Miles to confidently fight crime in it. Bless his heart.

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