Microsoft Flight Simulator Chinook Gets New Screenshots; Racer Drone Released

Third-party developers had a few reveals and releases of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator to share today, including both aircraft and scenery.

We start with Militech Simulations, which released new screenshots of its Boeing CH-47 Chinook tandem-rotor helicopter.

The aircraft is currently in testing and there is lots of polishing left to be done, but we hear that it’s “getting there.”

We also get a new video from BeyondATC, showing off the AI traffic feature part of its ATC communication suite.

Next, we move on to the first release, and it’s a rather interesting one. Pilot Experience Sim released an FPV Racing Drone, which is certainly rather unique.

It’s available on the official in-sim marketplace for $4.99 and promises the following goodies.

  • Hand made custom HD detailed design
  • HD PBR texturing
  • Custom coded flight model
  • Custom sounds
  • Immersive FPV screen inlcuded remote
  • Simulated Lipo Batterys
  • Added documentation

Last, but not least, Trabzon Airport (LTCG) in Turkey has been released by SceneryTR. It’s available on Simmarket for $16.59. 

This popular airport serving the holiday destination in the Eastern Black Sea region is the 9th busiest in Turkey and gets a lot of airliner traffic from the rest of the country and all over the Middle East and Europe, especially in the summer. 

It comes with the following features. 

  • Detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings
  • Custom ground textures, detailed markings
  • Custom airport vehicles and static objects
  • Animations and effects
  • Enhanced surroundings
  • HD PBR textures and custom night textures

As usual, you can expect more Microsoft Flight Simulator news here on TechRaptor on a daily basis, to help you navigate this lively but complex third-party industry. 


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