Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 757 Freighter Showcased in New Screenshots

Third-party developers shared new assets showing upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and released a couple of relevant airport add-ons. 

First of all, BlueBird Simulations revealed new screenshots of the freighter variant of the Boeing 757, specifically the version without winglets. 

You can check it out below in FedEx colors.

DC Designs showcased a video of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker showing off the famous “Cobra” maneuver, with a few notes from the developer.

So, I didn’t fly this very well as my “push” off the top was a bit abrupt. Still, this is flown in our SU-27 in MSFS precisely as the real “Cobra” manoeuvre, with the only difference that instead of centre-stick when past vertical, you need to push a bit instead. Like the real SU-27, FBW, G-limiter and AoA limiter are all switched off to perform the Cobra. Still being refined though.

Flight Sim Development Group and  Scenic Routes released Kefalonia International Airport (LGKF). It’s available on Simmarket and FSDG’s own store for $21.06.

You can check out a trailer below.

Lastly, Fly2High released a version 2.0 of Sofia International Airport (LBSF) serving the capital of Bulgaria.

You can find it on Simmarket for $15.83, but if you have version 1, you’re entitled to a free upgrade. 


  • Accurate simulation of the nearest Sofia Airport
  • Hand-made ground textures (Runways, aprons, paths, roads).
  • Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting.
  • Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings.
  • Good optimization of FPS

Improvements of V2 compared to V1:

  • Completely new ground and most similar to real time.
  • Added new buildings in the surrounding areas
  • Lufthansa area is simulated in more detail
  • Improvements to the main terminal
  • Optimized textures to save storage

As usual, you can expect daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news here on TechRaptor, to help you navigate the complex third-party add-on industry. 


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