Mexico president apologizes for calling trans lawmaker ‘man dressed as a woman’

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador apologized on Tuesday for misgendering a transgender representative of his political party, after his comments sparked criticism from rights groups.

Lopéz Obrador over the weekend met with Salma Luévano, one of the first trans people to become a federal lawmaker, but a day later referred to her as a “man dressed as a woman” when questioned why he greeted Luévano at a public event with a kiss on the cheek.

“I want to… offer an apology to a colleague who identifies as a woman,” the president said in a daily press conference following a backlash to his comments on social media.

Various members of the LGBTQ community in the country expressed solidarity with Luévano, who belongs to Lopéz Obrador’s Morena party, and demanded a public apology from the president.

“Today, President Lopez Obrador offered an apology for misgendering me,” the lawmaker later wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“This statement is very important, because it makes visible a fight that has taken us decades. I am a woman… and that is not up for discussion,” Luévano added.


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