LG Has New Smart Monitors For 2024 Running webOS

Smart monitors are a concept that companies like Samsung, at this point, have already pioneered. Just like TVs, our monitors have display panels, so why not put the same operating system you’d use on a TV on your monitor? Monitors are usually hooked up to PCs, but “smart” monitors can be used to watch movies, shows, and do other stuff even if they’re not hooked up to anything. LG has a few smart monitors in its lineup as well, and now, it’s launching even more of them.

LG has unveiled its MyView 32-inch 4K monitors. The three models—32SR85U, 32SR83U, and 32SR70U—feature 31.5-inch 16:9 4K IPS displays with 95 percent DCI-P3 coverage and HDR10 support. The monitors also come equipped with LG’s webOS 23, letting you have access to streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, as well as productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar. It gives you a basic degree of usability regardless of whether you have a PC hooked up to it or not. AirPlay 2 and Miracast support enable wireless screen mirroring, complemented by built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

While sharing similar specs, there are a few key differences between the models announced by Microsoft. The entry-level 32SR70U has 350 nits of brightness compared to 400 nits on the others, and USB Type-C PD charging capacities also vary: 45W for the 70U, 65W for the 83U, and 90W for the 85U. The latter two boast slim bezels and an adjustable stand, while the 70U features a “low-profile base.” The 85U also comes with a detachable 1080p webcam for video conferencing, which is also available separately for the other two models.

The monitors flaunt 95 percent DCI-P3 coverage, providing impressive color accuracy, although it might disappoint some folks in the refresh rate department—they’re only 60Hz, after all.

In Korea, the 32SR83U is priced at 699,000 won (approximately $538). We’ll have to wait and see how much these monitors will cost in the United States. LG is most certainly going to show these off in better detail come CES 2024, which is due to happen in just a couple of weeks, so we’ll definitely keep an eye.

Source: LG via Engadget


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