JBL Live 3 Wireless Earbuds Have Screens on the Cases

Finding the right earbuds can be complicated. There are lots of different price points and feature sets to choose from, from ultra-cheap earbuds that just do the job to ultra-premium ones that cost hundreds of dollars. It’s worth it to make a decent investment in nice earbuds, especially if you value things such as high-quality audio and battery life. JBL has some of the best earbuds around, and now the company has revealed some new options: the JBL Live 3 series.

JBL is expanding its lineup of earbuds and audio products with the new JBL Live 3 earbuds. That includes a total of three different styles, including Buds, Beam, and Flex. The option you should go for really depends on what you’re looking for exactly in earbuds—the Beam earbuds have a stem and silicone tips, the Buds have silicone tips but no stem, and the Flex have a stem but no silicone tips. All three, however, come with the same basic set of features between them, with very minor things, such as battery life, varying between each model.

Perhaps the more interesting feature is the updated Smart Charging Case, which puts a whole screen into your earbuds’ case. This is not the first time JBL has done this, and while it’s certainly something unusual, this allows you to tweak your earbuds’ settings without an app or using your phone whatsoever. This can be useful since for some devices and earbuds, you don’t really have an app you can use, so you’re left with the default settings on them. True Adaptive Noise Cancelling is also included for personalized sound experiences, which has by now become a basic feature on earbuds belonging to this price range.

This range of earbuds starts at $199.95, and it’s set to go on sale this summer. The screen on the earbuds’ case is something we haven’t really seen by other earbuds’ makers, and it’s a potentially useful addition that might change the way you use your earbuds. They’re still a bit far away from a release, but we’ll have to wait to see how good these earbuds are and how they stack up with the competition.

Source: JBL


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