Internet Drags 'Scumbag' xQc For Gaza Reaction Video

Rampant gambler, content-stealer, and little stinker xQc—aka superstar Twitch and Kick streamer Félix Lengyel—is in trouble again. The content creator has been posting video “reactions” to war footage since the most recent inflammation of the Israel-Hamas war in early October. People online are disturbed, but Lengyel doesn’t mind, since he’s still making so much money.

“when I think about what scumfuck degenerate content parasites look like,” the YouTuber Noodle wrote on Twitter, “I don’t think I could possibly create parody more on the nose than this.”

Lengyel responded to Noodle’s criticism with a picture of his stacks of cash. When YouTuber Kwite weighed in and told Lengyel that his “soul remains empty,” Lengyel replied, “Your bank account relates,” alongside a photo of a glittering, diamond-encrusted watch.

“Everybody got so mad,” Lengyel said in a recent stream about the Twitter backlash. “They think that this is about war, this is about this, everybody’s just victimizing and whatever.”

But “I came to a topic that I had no education on,” Lengyel said. “People say, ‘you have a responsibility with your platform to know about this,’ whatever. I was like, ‘Okay, let’s learn about this.’”

Lengyel’s reactions to the ongoing Palestinian genocide are sometimes neutral (“xQc Learns About Gaza”), sometimes bumbling (“Learning About The Israel-Palestine Conflict So You Don’t Have To”), and always absurd in the context of his other streams and videos (“TIKTOKS THAT MAKE YOU DIE LAUGHING!,” “Some of these TikToks made me laugh out loud,” “TIKTOKS THAT MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!”).

“As I already explained,” Lengyel continued to say in his recent stream, “this was not about, like, war and death, it was about, just, dumbass behavior regardless of what the context is.”

That sums it up. We don’t need to siphon malformed geopolitical opinions from xQc, a 27-year-old Overwatch player with a bedroom full of, as he said once, “crusted-up liquid,” although his massive online following bleakly makes him one of the most influential people in the world. We should reevaluate. We’re probably better than this.


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