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At a particular time in the past, people needed video CD games to play video games on TVs or PCs. Some video games were scarce because they were unavailable at local retail stores globally. 
As technology advanced, the gaming industry also developed a more convenient way of operation.
Steam is an online gaming platform in the gaming industry where users can buy the newest video games of choice, in-game content and software. 
A user’s Steam wallet is credited after payment. This wallet credit is used on the platform to purchase any available game or content of their choice. 
Users can fund their Steam wallet for credits through various means, such as debit/credit card payments or Steam cards.
With the Steam Gift Card, users can quickly credit their wallets and purchase any game for lifetime access. 
The incredible thing is that you can sell back the Steam card for cash or cryptocurrency if you do not wish to use it on the Steam store.
This article will discuss the meaning of the Steam gift card, what Steam card is used for and how to sell Steam card in Nigeria.
The steam card is a brand of gift card issued by the Steam platform. It is preloaded with a certain amount of money and redeemed on the platform for Steam credit.
Steam users can easily use their Steam credit to purchase any game they choose on the Steam platform, as much as their credit can cover. 

Steam cards can be of two different formats; the Steam physical card and the Steam encore. Both types of steam are valid on the platform and are of the same value when redeemed.
Steam cards come in different monetary denominations such that users can purchase the value they can easily afford.
The popular denominations are $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 steam cards.
There are so many use cases for Steam cards. The primary usage of the Steam card is to purchase the content and games available on the Steam store. Note that users have access to gaming content purchased forever.
Another use of Steam cards is for gifting purposes. People can give their loved ones and families a Steam card during special events or festive periods by purchasing the right gift items.

Steam Card
There are many online platforms where you can sell gift cards for cash or even cryptocurrency in Nigeria. They offer the service of buying your gift voucher for cash or crypto at the best gift card rate.
The best of them all in Nigeria today is the Prestmit trading platform.
Prestmit is an online which offers digital asset traders a seamless way to trade their assets for another.
The platform has many features unique from any other platform you can think of.
Some of the unique features of the Prestmit online platform include the following;

It is common knowledge among digital asset traders that Prestmit offers the highest rates on Steam cards and other gift cards traded on the platform.
We can’t tell you the way without showing you the way itself. Since you’ve discovered Prestmit to be the best online digital asset trading platform in Nigeria, lets talk about how you can successfully trade Steam cards on the platform. Even though the Prestmit platform is very easy to use without this tutorial, you may still need this as a first-timer.

The steam card is a very popular and important gift card to many, not just for game lovers but for entire gift card users.

You must not use a Steam card on the Steam store for in-game content purchases,  you can give it to friends and family. Even when you are no longer interested in it,  you can sell it at a very high rate on Prestmit.

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© 2023 Tribune Online – an online publication of African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc. All rights reserved
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