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Steam is the biggest gaming platform on PC, and people buy games for each other all the time. It’s common to be the recipient of a Steam code, either for a video game or for some other gift. Luckily, Steam is pretty simple to use, so using your code is pretty easy. Here’s how to redeem any Steam code you might have right now.
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To redeem most Steam codes, open the Steam app on your PC. Click the Games option, then Redeem a Steam Wallet Code. On the next screen, input the code, and click the Continue button. Steam automatically redeems the code from there, and adds the content to your library.

Here’s how to redeem a Steam code on the official PC app. This method should work with game codes, wallet codes, and gift cards.
That’s really it. Steam uses this one box for every type of code it offers, so the process for all codes is the same.
The mobile app was redone in late 2022, and it now lets you add via mobile. Simply download the Steam app, log in, and then follow the steps below to redeem a code.
A lot of tutorials state that you can’t redeem a game code this way. However, we had no problem inputting a game code through the mobile app and having it work. As of this writing, you should be able to enter any game codes, wallet codes, or gift cards into the app and have it work.
The last resort is using Steam’s official website to redeem your codes. Steam’s website is a nice option because it’s available on both mobile and PC, and it’s available without a separate download. Here’s how to redeem a Steam code on the official website.
PC website
Mobile website
With the mobile app and PC app both accepting all codes, the website isn’t as necessary as it once was. However, it’s always good to have that third option in case one or both of the apps are on the fritz.
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The first is a gift card like any other, and it adds funds to your account. A wallet code is like a gift card, but you can buy it straight from the Steam app. Game codes are when you select to buy a game as a gift for another person. That other person receives a game code for redemption. All three codes are redeemable the exact same way.
We tested this, and found it to be false. You can, in fact, redeem game codes in the mobile app. Simply use the same box as you would a gift card code or a wallet code. There may be some regional restrictions we’re not aware of, but it does work in the US, at least.
Not really. You should use the one most convenient for you. All three methods can redeem all relevant codes.
There are a couple of things you can try. The first is to check the receipt to see if the code is written there. Some places that sell gift cards put the code on the receipt. Your only other option is to return to where you got it and ask for help there.


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