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GTA 5 was never released for mobile, but there is a way to play it on pocket devices.
One of the fascinating things about the game is the plethora of platforms that it can be played on. The PC version of the game allows players to roam Los Santos in 4k at a framerate of 60 FPS or more. It is available on Steam, which allows players to play the entire game on their mobile devices via its Steam Link app.
This article explains how to play GTA 5 via the Steam Link app without any hassle.

Before jumping into the Steam Link app, players first need to purchase the correct version of the game. They should note that the Steam version of the game is required to use the Steam Link feature. If it is bought from any other store, the ability to play on a mobile device via the Steam Link app won’t work.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to purchasing the PC version of the game on Steam:
Once purchased, players can begin downloading the game. They are advised to check the minimum and recommended system requirements (mentioned below) before purchasing the game:
Minimum Requirements:
Recommended Requirements:
The Steam Link app allows gamers to stream games wirelessly on their mobile devices. To run the app, a stable internet connection and a capable smartphone are required. Here’s everything players need to follow to play the game on their smartphones via the Steam Link app:
If the steps are followed correctly, GTA 5 should boot up on the smartphone and players will be able to play the entire game in the palm of their hands. With the success of GTA 5 on Steam, it is safe to assume that Rockstar Games can enable this feature with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title as well by releasing it on Steam too.
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