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GTA5 is wildly popular, but even it has its problems. Here’s how to fix a framerate issue on Windows.
Even after almost a decade after its release, GTA 5 is still the best action-adventure game ever released. From characters to game mechanics, everything is just to the point in the seventh entry in the GTA series.
However, many gamers still encounter framerate and stutter issues in GTA 5. If you are also part of the same group, look no further. Just follow this complete guide to fix GTA 5 framerate issues on Windows PC.
You will constantly face framerate issues in GTA 5 if the system doesn't match the minimum requirement to run the game. You can check out this system requirement to run GTA 5 on Rockstar's official website. But what if the system fulfills all the requirements, and you still encounter issues?
In this situation, outdated graphics cards are often the primary culprit. The problem can also occur due to unnecessary background running applications. Additionally, misconfigured in-game settings can cause the problem as well.
Whichever part of your system is causing the problem, you can solve the issue in GTA 5 with the below solutions.
Although GTA 5 is an almost a decade-old title, it requires a good amount of GPU memory to run without any problem. But different graphics-intensive applications running in the background will constantly consume the memory, leaving GTA 5 with limited resources.
As a solution, consider closing all the background running applications. Here's how to do it.
That's it. Now launch the game and check whether there's an improvement in the performance.
As aforementioned, an outdated or corrupt graphics driver is the prime reason behind the framerate issue in any Windows game. You will have to update the graphics driver to fix the problem. You can do it by following the below steps.
Wait until the update process is complete. After that, reboot the game and check if the problem continues.
Modern Windows PC's come with two graphics cards. The first one is the onboard graphics, whereas the second is the dedicated graphics card.
The system automatically switches to the dedicated graphics when the application requirement exceeds the onboard graphics limitation. However, you can force an application to work on the dedicated graphics card instead of the onboard graphics, which will help with performance.
Here are the steps to run GTA 5 on a high-performance NVIDIA processor.
That's it. Close the Control Panel, open the game and check for the problem.
One of the best ways to fix framerate issues is to make changes in-game. Below are the changes you can make in GTA 5 to improve the overall performance.
Note: The following changes will be helpful on a low-end device. You can make changes accordingly on a medium/ high-end system.
Save the settings. Afterward, go to Advanced Graphics, turn everything off, and save the settings.
Windows PC comes with different power options, and each has its own benefit . For instance, to play games like GTA 5, consider using the Best performance mode.
Windows has a dedicated folder to store temporary files of all the installed applications. But with time, these files can get corrupt and slow down system performance, affecting programs such as GTA 5.
So, make sure to regularly clear the temp folder to keep the system in the best condition. Here's how to do it.
The problem can also result from outdated Windows OS. As a solution, download the latest Windows update. Here's how to do it.
Windows will now check for and download any available updates.
The next solution on the list is to perform a clean boot. Clean boot will start the system with minimal drivers and applications.
You can perform a clean boot by following the below steps.
If this fixes your issue, it means that one of the services you disabled is affecting your framerate. As such, if you want to fix the problem, try slowly re-enabling services until the lag returns, then either update or remove the service that's causing the problem.
The above solutions will not only ensure you get better FPS than before but also eliminate your stuttering issue. However, if none of the solutions were helpful, consider reinstalling the game to resolve the problem.

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