How to Filter Reviews for One Specific Model on Amazon Listings

Key Takeaways

  • Avoid the annoyance of misleading ratings on Amazon by filtering out reviews for different products listed together under the same listing.
  • By using filters, you can see reviews only for the specific product you’re interested in purchasing, rather than being influenced by other items listed together.
  • While you can only see the overall rating for that specific model, scrolling through the reviews gives you a general idea of sentiment, despite the frustration caused by sellers using this tactic.

There are a number of annoying things that Amazon sellers use to improve the ratings of their products. One such tactic is combining multiple different items under the same listing—lumping all the reviews together— making it difficult to see the rating of each individual item. We’ll show you how to filter out the noise.

We’re not talking about products that are available in multiple colors and sizes. The issue is when completely different items are listed together, not just variations of the same product. For example, cases for different phones or different types of hard drives. If one of the products has great reviews, it artificially inflates the overall rating for all the products under the listing.

The good news is you can use filters to see only the reviews for the product you’re interested in purchasing. In this case, we’re looking at a listing that includes a basic MagSafe car mount along with a wireless charging mount. The phone mount is likely to have great reviews since it’s a simple product, whereas the wireless charger has much more room for faults.

To get started, make sure the product you want to see reviews for is selected, then tap or click the star rating at the top of the page on Amazon’s website or the mobile app.

Amazon ratings on a product page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the reviews and select “See More Reviews.”

The 'See More Reviews' button on an Amazon listing.

On the desktop, click the “All Formats” drop-down and select the product name.

Amazon reviews 'All Formats' drop-down menu.

From the Amazon mobile app, you’ll need to select “Filter,” check the box next to the product name, and tap “Apply.”

Filtering the product reviews on the Amazon app.

You’re now seeing reviews only for that specific model in the listing. Sadly, you can see the overall rating for only that model, but you can scroll through the reviews to get a general idea of the sentiment. It’s annoying when Amazon sellers do this—even when it doesn’t appear to be malicious.


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