How to Delete a Playlist on Spotify

Key Takeaways

  • To delete a Spotify playlist on the desktop client, right-click the playlist in “Your Library” and select “Delete.”
  • If you want to delete a Spotify playlist on Android or iOS, go to Library > three-dot menu, and select “Delete Playlist.”
  • Tap or click the green heart icon in the Library tab to unfollow the playlist.

Much of the Spotify experience revolves around playlists. There are thousands of public playlists created by Spotify itself and people like you. Chances are you’ve accumulated a few in your library. We’ll show you how to get rid of them.

How to Delete a Spotify Playlist on Desktop

Playlists that you have created can be permanently deleted. It is very similar on all platforms, but this section will focus on the desktop and web apps. Launch Spotify and note the “Your Library” section on the left. Then, just right-click the playlist you want to delete and select “Delete.”

Go to the 'Your Library' section, right-click a playlist, then click 'Delete.'

How to Delete a Spotify Playlist on Android or iOS

To permanently delete a playlist on iPhone, iPad, or Android, head over to the “Library” tab and find the playlist you want to delete.

Find the playlist to delete.

Tap or click the three-dot menu icon.

Tap the menu icon.

Select “Delete Playlist” from the menu. On desktop, it’s simply “Delete.”


You will be asked to confirm that you really want to “Delete” the playlist. You won’t be able to recover the playlist.

Confirm deleting the playlist.

How to Unfollow a Playlist on Spotify

For obvious reasons, you can’t delete playlists you haven’t created. You can remove playlists that you’ve followed from your library. The process is the same on iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop, and web apps.

First, head over to the “Library” tab and find the playlist you want to remove.

Select the playlist to unfollow.

Now all you have to do is tap or click the green heart icon. This will unfollow the playlist.

Tap the green heart.

That’s all there is to deleting and removing Spotify playlists. Now you can focus on the playlists you do still enjoy, give them some love and make sure they’re always available for listening.


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