How to Add Comments to Folders on Windows 11

If you want to organize your files and folders, Windows offers many options. But did you know you can add comments to folders on Windows 11? It’s a great way to mark important files to help them stand out, and avoids the need to give your folders lengthy names. Here’s how to do it.

The Comments column is disabled by default in File Explorer, so you need to enable it before you add comments.

To do this, open File Explorer and go to the folder you wish to comment on. Click “View” in the toolbar and select “Details”. This changes the view mode and shows various columns.

Windows 11 File Explorer View Drop Down Menu

Next, right-click any column and select “More” from the options.

Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Right-Click Menu

From the Choose Details window, check “Comments” and click “OK”.

Windows 11 File Explorer Choose Details Enable Comments Tab

Now you can view the Comments column in File Explorer.

To add comments to folders, you have to complete the following process for each folder individually.

Step 1: Customize the Folder

You need to add a custom icon to the folder that you want to add a comment to. This helps with viewing the hidden desktop.ini file inside the folder, which you need to edit later.

To begin, right-click the folder and select “Properties”.

Windows 11 File Explorer Folder Right-Click Menu

On the Properties window, go to the “Customize” tab and click “Change Icon”.

Windows 11 File Explorer Folder Properties Customize Tab

Choose any icon from the given options (or upload a custom image from your computer) and click “OK”.

Windows 11 File Explorer Folder Custom Icon

Step 2: Unhide Protected System Files

Next, you need to show protected system files in the folder, which makes the desktop.ini file visible.

Within the folder, click the ellipsis in the toolbar and select “Options”.

Windows 11 File Explorer Folder Setting Options

In the Folder Options window, select the “View” tab.

Windows 11 File Explorer Folder Options View Tab

Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”.

Windows 11 Folder Options Hide Protected OS Files Option

A warning pop-up message appears; click “Yes” to confirm it.

Windows 11 Folder Options Warning Pop-Up

Now click “Apply”, followed by “OK”.

Windows 11 Folder Options Window Apply OK Option

Step 3: Edit desktop.ini and Add a Comment

Finally, with the folder set up, you now need to modify the desktop.ini file to add your comment.

Within the folder, right-click the desktop.ini file. ​​​​​​Select Open With > Notepad.

Windows File Explorer Right-Click Desktop.ini File Menu

Next, within the Notepad file, under “[.ShellClassInfo]”, type the following command.

InfoTip=Your comment

Replace “Your comment” with whatever comment you desire.

Desktop.ini file opened in Notepad

Click the “File” menu and select “Save” to save the changes on Notepad.

Notepad File Menu with Save option

Step 4: Restart File Explorer

To apply the changes to the folder, you need to restart the File Explorer. You can use Task Manager for this.

To do that, right-click the taskbar and select “Task Manager”.

Windows 11 Taskbar Right-Click Menu

On Task Manager, select “Windows Explorer” and click “Restart task”.

Windows 11 Task Manager Restart Task

Job done! Go back to the folder you just customized and you’ll see your comment within the relevant column.

Windows File Explorer Folder Comments Displayed

This is undoubtedly a cumbersome process for what you would expect to be a simple task, but unfortunately there isn’t an easier native method. Perhaps Microsoft will improve this functionality in a future Windows 11 update.


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