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The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC for GTA Online has been announced by Rockstar Games to be released on December 13, and it seems like fans can expect one more surprise. According to popular insider Ben, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition could be launched on Steam and Epic Games Store in the coming weeks.
The individual suggested that Rockstar could be targeting a release later this month to maximize the game’s sales. It is also worth noting that these new versions were previously leaked in a recent update for Rockstar Games Launcher.
As can be seen in the tweet above, Ben was speculating about when GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition could come to Steam and the Epic Games Store. The insider suggested that the developers could release the title after the arrival of GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC.
In a follow-up tweet, the individual stated that it would make sense for the developers to release the title on the aforementioned stores within the next two weeks.
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was previously leaked for both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This information came from Tez2. According to their findings, the recent update for Rockstar Games Launcher revealed the possibility of the Trilogy DE coming to the two stores.
All three Trilogy games were mentioned in the leak that suggested the title would be arriving on the new platforms:
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is currently only available on Rockstar Games Launcher and for major consoles around the globe. However, it seems that the developers will finally release the bundle for Steam and Epic Games Store very soon.
According to the recent Take-Two Interactive fiscal first-quarter report, the mobile port of the trilogy DE is scheduled to be released on two platforms: Android and iOS. The company didn’t share any specific release date for it; however, it suggested that the launch could happen before March 2023. Ben also reported the same, hinting at a release date between “now and early 2023.”
Fans should take the leaks with a pinch of salt, as Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed any of this information yet. With Christmas and the year-end festivities right around the corner, gamers can expect the developers to share official information about when Trilogy DE will come to Steam and the Epic Games Store soon.
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