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The long-awaited Steam and Epic Games Store ports of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition are rumored to be released in the near future. No confirmed release date has been leaked, but astute gamers should remember that Steam Configuration was added with patch 1.04.5 in late October 2022.
Hence, it is clear that Rockstar Games has been considering a Steam port for a while now. Currently, this collection of remasters’ PC availability is limited to the Rockstar Games Launcher, an app with far fewer games than where the rumored ports might end up.
The tweet above refers to the GTA Forums, where several bits of the code reference Steam, such as “SteamDevAppId=1547000.” Although this piece of news is several months old, it is still relevant for the recent discussions pertaining to the upcoming ports.
Some code tied to the Epic Games Store can be seen in the following tweet:
For those unable to see it, this tweet simply references “epicapps,” along with the names of each of the three remasters of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. There is no indication that a significant rework is in the process of happening, as Rockstar Games hasn’t announced anything major regarding the GTA Trilogy in recent months.
It is worth mentioning that Rockstar Games hasn’t even confirmed that a Steam and Epic Games Store port is under development.
In more recent news, some insiders have claimed that GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is being prepared for a port on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Rockstar Games hasn’t announced when the next Title Update will arrive, so players don’t currently know when that will happen.
Gamers should know that it is possible that the upcoming ports will end up being delayed. The tweet above is the primary source for the best estimate of a timeframe being “the coming weeks.”
All that’s known about the game’s Android and iOS ports is that it’s due for a release date around early 2023 in the first quarter of the year. Rockstar Games is yet to announce any progress with the ports since the Take-Two Earnings Call last year.
The mobile ports were initially slated to be released in the first half of 2022 with an unspecified release date. This was pushed back to the aforementioned early 2023 estimate reported by Take-Two as “Fiscal 2023.”
On a related note, there has also been no information revealed about GTA San Andreas VR since its announcement on October 28, 2021.
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