Google Home’s Script Editor Has a New AI Helper

Generative AI can be used to make images, put together a shopping list, and you can even have it help you with code. As we explore it further, companies keep coming up with new uses for generative AI — many of them are gimmicky and completely unnecessary, but some are genuinely useful. Google just released something that will likely go into the latter category, as Google Home is getting AI-fueled automation options.

Google Home has introduced a new feature called “help me script” that utilizes generative AI to simplify the process of creating advanced home automations. As you probably know, automations, such as simulating occupancy or receiving notifications for unfamiliar faces, have been a valuable part of Google Home’s offerings. But there’s always been one small problem with them, and it’s the fact that in order to make your own automations, you need to put them together by yourself with the Script Editor. There’s code involved as well as a big learning curve.

With the “help me script” feature, Google wants to take out the hard element from this. With this feature, you can now create personalized automations using natural language prompts and generative AI, eliminating the need for technical proficiency. For instance, you can type a description like “when the TV turns on after sunset, dim the living room lights and close the blinds,” and the system generates a ready-to-use automation script. The process is fairly straightforward — you just input your desired automation description on Google Home for Web, generate the script, review and validate it, and then activate the automation. Various automation ideas are provided, such as brewing coffee in the morning, securing the house before bedtime, and making the home appear occupied when the security system is armed.

It needs to be noted here that, just like any other implementation of generative AI currently out there, this is in an experimental stage. This means that it can, and probably will, make mistakes often. So don’t be surprised if you ask it to generate an automation and it makes one entirely different from what you asked.

If you want to try this out, open the Google Home Script Editor to get started.

Source: Google


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