Google Drive Now Has a Much Better Document Scanner

Keeping track of physical papers, documents, invoices, and receipts can get annoying. The Google Drive scanner is a surprisingly useful tool for keeping digital copies of stuff, and now, Google is rolling out a few new features and changes.

The Google Drive scanner is getting a bunch of improvements in an update that’s currently rolling out to users. Among the improvements, we have automatic capture, which will automatically take a photo of whatever document you’re scanning. With this, the only thing you should really focus on is positioning your smartphone’s camera in place and holding it steady for a good, non-blurry scan. The camera viewfinder will also help you properly position the document for a good scan, to make things as high-quality as possible. If you’d rather not do that, you can also skip taking a photo with the app, and instead, you can just import a photo from your camera roll and have it scanned with the feature.

Android Scanner-anim

In addition to all of this, the feature is now easier to access, too, with a dedicated scanner button that you can tap from anywhere within the app. It was previously a bit hidden away, but now, you can just fire up the app and tap the button to take a picture.

The Google Drive app had previously introduced a feature that would interpret whatever document you just scanned and automatically come up with a file name for it using machine learning. That way, you wouldn’t have any issues with weird file names while trying to find old documents. This latter feature, previously only available to Android phones, is now being rolled out to iOS users as well so everyone can join in on the fun.

These features are now available on Android, and on iPhone and iPad, the changes should be rolling out over the course of the next few days. Unlike the new video presentation feature in Google Slides, Google says the new scanner features are available for both personal Google accounts (with Gmail addresses) and all work and education accounts under Google Workspace, so everyone can check out the new functionality.

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