Get a Great New Vacuum Thanks to Roborock’s Black Friday Sale

If you’ve ever thought about getting a new vacuum and mop or simply upgrading your existing setup, then now is the perfect time. Roborock is offering up to 45% off this Black Friday across their range of robot and smart vacuum and mops, though you’ll only be able to take advantage of them from the 20th through to the 30th of November.

Q Revo

Young Girl Playing with Wooden Blocks to Create Path for the Q Revo to Pass Through in Living Room


The Q Revo is an excellent entry point into the world of robot vacuums. This smart cleaner is more than powerful enough to keep your entire home clean thanks to its 5,500 Pa of suction and liftable spinning mops that allow it to cover your entire home with ease.

The Q Revo comes with an incredible dock that handles the emptying, refilling, drying, washing, and charging all for you. PreciSense LiDAR navigation means you won’t have to worry about removing obstacles for the Q Revo, and app and voice control lets you manage it wherever you are.

Get the Q Revo for $899.99 $679.99 today.

S7 Max Ultra

The S7 Max Ultra and Dock On Wooden Floor in Front of Kitchen


The S7 Max Ultra combines the best features that Roborock has to offer into one affordable platform. You get the all-in-one dock as well as the enhanced cleanliness that comes with 5,500 Pa HyperForce suction and the VibraRise mopping system.

The floating all-rubber brush ensures that you’re getting maximum power even on uneven floors, and Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance and PreciSense LiDAR navigation ensure that the S7 Max Ultra always takes the best route while avoiding obstacles.

The S7 Max Ultra also comes with great app features and voice control as well.

Get the S7 Max Ultra for $1,299.99 $949.99 today.

S8 Pro Ultra

The S8 Pro Ultra on Wooden Floor in Dock


For the ultimate robot vacuum and mop, the S8 Pro Ultra can’t be beat. This robot vacuum and mop is an all-in-one solution when it comes to convenience and saving time.

The S8 Pro Ultra takes everything about the S7 Max Ultra to the next level. The smart dock has been improved for better cleaning, the vacuum features dual floating all-rubber brushes, and the mop makes use of the VibraRise 2.0 mopping system to ensure that your house is cleaner than ever before.

The S8 Pro Ultra still features the great app features and voice control that you would expect, all backed up by an impressive 6,000 Pa HyperForce suction system to get every bit of dust, even on carpets, thanks to its Roborock Capet Boost+ system.

Get the S8 Pro Ultra for $1,599.99 $1,199.99 today.

Dyad Pro

Person Using the Dyad Pro to Clean Up Spilled Cereal on Wooden Floor


The Dyad Pro is one of the best wet and dry vacuum options on the market. This vacuum is as smart as you are, and can automatically detect what you’re cleaning in order to most efficiently apply cleaning solution and more thanks to its DirTect Smart Sensor.

The vacuum itself comes with 17,000 Pa of suction power and cleans to the very edges of the vacuum head. It also comes with app control and a dock to allow for self-cleaning and drying.

Get the Dyad Pro for $449.99 $349.99 today.


Q5+ on Wooden Floor Next to Dock


For a great budget robot vacuum, look no further than the Q5+. This robot vacuum comes with a powerful 2,700 Pa of suction power, and a floating main brush that is great for pet hair.

The Q5+ makes use of PreciSense LiDAR navigation in order to effectively map your home, and comes with an auto-emptying dock to handle your cleaning for you. You can also customize the Q5+ using the Roborock app.

Get the Q5+ for $699.99 $399.99 today.

Q7 Max+

The Q7 Max+ Cleaning on Carpet in Living Room


The Q7 Max+ is a great, feature-rich robot vacuum, perfect for anybody who is fed up with cleaning. The vacuum itself has 4,200 Pa of suction power and 300 g of consistent mop pressure with 30 water flow levels to ensure that it can cut through even the worst dirt and grime.

The Q7 Max+ uses Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock Pure to take the stress and difficulty out of emptying your dust bag, as well as PreciSense LiDAR to effectively navigate your home.

Get the Q7 Max+ for $869.99 $499.99 today.


The S7 Cleaning Spilled Food in Kitchen While Mother and Child Watch


The S7 uses sonic technology to scrub your floors up to 3,000 times per minute. This allows the S7 to eliminate dried-on dirt that other robots may leave behind.

The S7 also features an auto-lifting mop and 2,500 Pa of HyperForce suction, meaning that this robot vacuum can make short work of big messes and spills.

Automatic carpet detection allows the S7 to effortlessly swap between mopping and vacuuming, and its floating all-rubber brush is great for vacuuming. It also features the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock and PreciSense LiDAR navigation.

Get the S7 for $649.99 $359.99 today.

Q8 Max+

The Q8 Max+ Docked on Wooden Floor


The Q8 Max+ is a great robot vacuum with a plethora of useful features for automatically cleaning your home. The vacuum features 5,500 Pa of suction, a DuoRoller brush, Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance, PreciSense LiDAR navigation, and a self-emptying dock to top it all off.

The Q8 Max+ also uses the Roborock app to quickly map your home, and establish smart No-Go Zones, custom routines, and more.

Get the Q8 Max+ for $819.99 $599.99 today.

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