Everything You Need to Know About BLUETTI’s Black Friday Deals

BLUETTI is one of the best brands in portable power, and this Black Friday you’ll be able to pick up some of its greatest products at an unbeatable price.

If you’ve been thinking of picking up a BLUETTI power station, then now is the time to act if you want to save big. Watch out, however, as these BLUETTI Black Friday deals are only running from November 17 to November 27, so buy now to ensure you don’t miss out.


Man Outdoors Charging Multiple Appliances Using BLUETTI Portable Power Supply


A new arrival on the market, BLUETTI is launching the new AC200L portable power station just in time for Black Friday. At an early-bird price of $1499, the AC200L is a great value purchase.

The AC200L comes with 2,400W of power, which can be increased to 3,600W in its Powerlifting mode. This is plenty for your day-to-day needs, and fantastic when you consider just how quickly you can recharge it.

The 2,048Wh battery only takes two hours to charge using a 1,200W solar charger, and even less when you plug it into the wall. You can even pair the AC200L with a 3,072Wh B300 expansion battery to increase the total capacity to a whopping 5,120Wh for even more power for less money.

The AC200L is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected, meaning you can monitor it in real time using the BLUETTI app.

Get yours today for only $1,499.


Man Charging Phone Out of Back of His Car Using BLUETTI Portable Power Generator


If you’re looking for a great compact generator that is perfect for off-grid living, then the AC180 is a perfect choice. Weighing only 37 lbs, the AC180 is capable of expending 1,800W of power, or 2,700W in Powerlifting mode.

The AC180 is also perfect for acting as a UPS when you need reliable backup power in the case of sudden power failures. With a 1,152Wh capacity and remote control via the BLUETTI app, the AC180 is an excellent choice.

BLUETTI also offers the AC180P as an offline counterpart with a slightly higher 1,440Wh capacity.

Get the AC180 today for $999 $649, or get the AC180P and the PV200 for $1798 $1298.


BLUETTI Portable Charginger on top of Suitcase Outdoors Next to Drone


For a portable power station that you can easily take with you, the AC70 is an excellent option. Weighing only 22.48 lbs, the AC70 packs a surprising amount of power in its small frame, being capable of a continuous output of 1,000W, which can be boosted up to 2,000W in Powerlifting mode.

The AC70 is capable of powering everything from refrigerators to blenders to small power tools. Its 768Wh LFP battery is enough to charge a 15Wh camera 45 times over and is more than enough to handle anything you throw at it.

You can quickly recharge the AC70 thanks to its fast-charging options, including its 850W AC input that can charge it from empty to 80% in just 45 minutes. Perfect for short trips or emergency backup.

Get yours today for only $599 $499.


Father and Son Carrying Bluetti Portable Power Generators Out of Their RV


When it comes to portability, the AC2A is one of the best options on the market. This portable power station weighs a measly 7.9 lbs.

Despite its size, it’s still capable of outputting a continuous 300W, which can be upped to 600W when you need it. The AC2A’s 204.8Wh battery is enough to keep you topped up in a hurry and can be charged to full from empty via solar power or from the wall in under two hours.

The AC2A features six ports, including a 100W USB-C port for fast device charging, making it perfect for camping and hiking, where every bit of weight matters.

Get the AC2A and a PV120 battery expansion for just $548 $399.


Family Watching TV with BLUETTI Portable Power Station in Front of Them


If you’re in serious need of a great power station for off-grid living or backup power, then the AC300 is an excellent choice.

The AC300 takes only 20 milliseconds to switch over in the case of an emergency and comes with great scalable capacity when paired with B300 packs. It boasts a 3,072Wh output that can be expanded to 12,288Wh when paired with two to four B300s.

With the AC300, you get 3,000W of high power and 16 different outlets, meaning that you’ll be powered up and ready to go in any situation. The AC300 is also solar-ready for up to 2,400W charging, meaning you’ll be able to consistently convert solar energy into power.

Get the AC300 and a B300 pack for $2,799 to receive a free 120V home integration kit.


For the ultimate in backup power, the EP800 is hard to beat. With an output of up to 7600W and capable of both 120V and 240V voltage options, the EP800 is capable of powering any appliance seamlessly.

The EP800 comes with an impressive 9,900Wh output that can be expanded up to 19,800Wh when you stack two to four B500 batteries with it.

This is enough for a constant power supply to your entire home and takes only 20 milliseconds to activate in the case of a power failure. The EP800 is also solar-ready, meaning you can easily integrate it into new or existing solar systems for constant power.

Get the EP800 and two B500 battery packs today for only $8999 $6999.

Get a great deal on a range of BLUETTI products this Black Friday

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