Drop's Latest Mechanical Keyboard is Super Customizable

Finding the right keyboard can be complicated. There are lots of options out there from many different brands, both from gaming-focused brands and dedicated keyboard manufacturers. One of the best keyboard makers out there, Drop, was recently bought out by Corsair, which had already made some mechanical keyboards of its own. Now, the company is coming out with its first big 2024 release: the new CSTM65 keyboard.

Drop has just launched the CSTM65, the latest addition to its highly customizable CSTM line of mechanical keyboards. Following the success of the CSTM80, the CSTM65 is a 65 percent mechanical keyboard that prioritizes compactness and personalization. The keyboard features an interchangeable magnetic case, available in polycarbonate or aluminum, allowing your to easily configure and personalize your typing experience completely to your liking.

The big selling point for this keyboard compared to competing options is the customization, which makes sense for the CSTM series. The vanilla version looks black and pretty barebones out of the box, but the CSTM65 offers a diverse range of colorful and decorative cases, along with various keycap options, switches, custom weight choices, switch plates, and cables. Users can effortlessly mix and match designs to create a keyboard reflecting their personal style. Lukas Mondoux, Director of Drop Studio, emphasized that customization remains integral to Drop’s identity, and the CSTM65 caters to users seeking a more compact and personalized keyboard option.

Drop / Corsair

The fully-built CSTM65 boasts enthusiast-level features, including a gasket-mounted design, ABS keycaps optimized for south-facing switches, PCBA mounted stabilizers, dynamic LED lighting, and customizable weight. The keyboard also incorporates premium foam layers for enhanced sound and feel. You can choose between tactile Gateron Brown Pro 3.0 or linear Gateron Yellow KS3 switches to achieve your desired typing experience.

You can pre-order the CSTM65 on the Drop website, in both barebones and fully assembled configurations. You can can purchase the keyboard separately or with various case options. Additional accessories such as decorative cases and collaborations are also available. The barebones version costs $79, while the fully built model that’s equipped with keycaps, switches, stabilizers, and all bells and whistles will cost you $129.

Source: Corsair


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