Diablo IV Datamine May Detail The Game’s First Expansion

A recent datamine has revealed that Blizzard may be cooking up some delicious DLC for its action RPG Diablo 4, including a new class, region, and villain.

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According to Russian YouTuber YbuBaKa (via VG247), someone uploaded a technical alpha build of Diablo 4 version 2.0 to a private test branch, a siloed server of sorts that allows Blizzard to test out new and upcoming features for the game. However, this 2.0 build was sumarily datamined and leaked by folks who had access to it, and the details that have been publicized are scrumptious.

The test build is seemingly connected to the first paid DLC, currently known as the Lord of Hatred. The Lord of Hatred is villain Lilith’s daddy Mephisto, one of the Prime Evils that appears in Diablo 4‘s four secret endings. The leaks suggest that this horned demon will be the main villain of the expansion.


If the leaks are to be believed, then there will also be a new class and region coming to the game.According to YbuBaKa, when the Lord of Hatred DLC drops it will bring a new class called the Spiritborn, a nature-based warrior that cleaves through enemies with a glaive. Based on the description, it seems like a hybrid Barbarian-Druid, which would be a strong combo. As far as the rumored new region goes, it seems Diablo 2‘s location of Kurast might return, and will be roughly the same size as Diablo 4‘s existing areas.

The Lord of Hatred DLC is also rumored to feature a Mercenary system that lets you hire and level up companion. Additionally, the game mightget its first raid, the Tomb of Akarat, which has five wings to fight through. MMO Champion has some other details about the datamine, including the supposed name of Diablo 4‘s third season (Dreamscape), an increase to the stash size, and more.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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Take this information with a grain of salt, as it’s merely leaks and rumors for now. YbuBaKa uploads videos in Russian, so it’s unclear if they’ve accurately leaked information before. And while we know Blizzard plans to release a new expansion for the game every year, none of these details have been confirmed by the company. BlizzCon kicks off on November 3, so maybe we’ll hear more about it all then.


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